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Yes4All Heavy Duty Steel 3 Level Paddle Board Racks SUP Storage Wall Mount Hanger


Price: $79.95
(as of Oct 03,2020 16:46:56 UTC – Details)


Yes4All Paddle Board Rack offers a quick and easy way to store your boards off the ground, keeping them secured and protected. Not only that, its premium quality steel construction with anti-rust black powder coating guarantee that you will get your money’s worth in a functional, practical product that’s built to last for a long, long time.


Our paddle board racks come with a 3-tier design, with each 27-inch long arm spaced at a 11” distance apart from each other, providing plenty of room to hold boards of all sizes and types, from heavy paddleboards to longboards, shortboards. The arms are also designed to form a slight incline angle with the vertical mount to help keeping the stored boards in place, preventing them from sliding off. This is the lifetime solution to board storage that you’re looking for.


Each rack arm can be quickly removed with a simple click of the push pin, enabling you to discard the arms and tuck them away to save space when not using. In addition, the paddle board rack is designed to be installed to the wall, which helps save up even more space.


  • Lasts for a long time with durable construction
  • Space-efficient 3-tier design to help store more boards
  • Holds up to an amazing 120lbs of weight
  • Protects the boards from damage with thick foam padding
  • Easy to install and set up with all mounting hardware included


1-year warranty and 30-day return

HEAVY GAUGE STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Made of solid steel with anti-rust black powder coating, Yes4All Wall Mount Paddle Board Rack can hold up to 40lbs with each pair of rack arms and withstand any harsh condition for a long time
3-TIER DESIGN: Our pro-quality paddle board racks come equipped with a practical, ergonomic 3-tier design to accommodate up to 3 or more boards of all kinds, whether it’s a SUP, surfboard or a ski board
27-INCH LONG REMOVABLE ARMS: The paddle board racks’ 27-inch long arms are removable with a simple click of the push pin embedded on the connector, providing generous space for board storage while also helping to save space when not in use
THICK FOAM PAD: The board rack’s arms are padded with thick foam material which protects stored boards against damage and scratches as well as providing better grips, preventing the boards from sliding off accidentally
ANGLED ARMS: Each rack arm forms a slight incline angle with the vertical mount, making use of gravity for safer board storage


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