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Wave Tribe Surfboard Sock Skull – Padded Eco Hemp Nose Protects Board – Stretch Breathable Material Keeps Surfboard Cool – Surf Socks – Longboard – Shortboard – Mini Simmons – Fish


Price: $49.95
(as of Oct 10,2020 13:47:08 UTC – Details)

Product Description


YKK Zippers

Shoulder Strap

Cargo Handle

Fin & Leash Pockets

Steel Mesh Bottom


Interior Padding

6mm Rebound Foam

6mm Rebound Foam

26mm Rebound Foam

26mm Rebound Foam

26mm Rebound Foam

Available Colors



Brown / Blue



Boards to fit

1 Surfboard

1 Surfboard

2-3 Surfboards

2-3 Surfboards

4 Surfboards

Hemp Surfboard Sock • Stylish • Padded Hemp Nose

Rad sock. Everyone loves the skull!

Unique Skull Print. A favorite and Wave Tribe classic the skull boardsock will let your bro’s know how tough you are.

Also functional, this surfboard cover is perfect for keeping the sand off your board and prevents the wax from getting all over your house and car.

5 mm Padded Hemp Nose
Made From Stretchable Fabric
Stylish Unique Design
Drawstring For Tight Fit

Sometimes you want something a bit lighter than a board bag, perhaps something more colorful or just a little love to slip over your board while it’s chilling in the corner of your room or stuffed in the backseat of your car.

Of course, if you’re down with the Wave Tribe Vibe then you know it’s got to be ecological and cool at the same time.

Made For Surfboards • Your Surfboard’s Best Friend


Ten years of research and development have helped us create the best surfboard sock.

Our socks have been successfully used by thousands of surfers chasing waves from South Africa to Bali.


Wave Tribe’s global mantra with each generation of product is as follows:

Protect your surfboards with more padding, stylish design and quality components.
Do the planet good by using ecological materials like hemp and surf like crazy.
In the current generation we added more padding to the nose itself, increasing it from 3 to 5 mm.

Sock Construction • Durable & Stylish Hemp + PE


The Wave Tribe Surfboard Socks (or light covers) are made from stylish material + have a nice padded HEMP patch at the nose to help protect the most vulnerable areas of your ride.

It is kind of like a flavor savor, but what it saves it your board, which for some of us is the best saltwater flavor out there.

Reinforced nose for protecting against sucker punches from non-surfboard friendly kooks.

Stylish and protective with an eco touch.

Unique skull pattern—we all love the skull.

Your Surfboard Is Your Most Important Asset • Protect It With A Scok


The fabric is thick but soft and the extra padding around the nose feels super durable. The stitching looks sturdy.

Wave Tribe definitely doesn’t cut corners with materials.

This sock will protect your surfboard and your car from wax and sand.

The perfect surfboard sock,


Please make sure you check your surfboard and pick the right size and also the correct nose type.

There are lots of surfboards shapes out there and we want to make sure you get the right sock for you board.

Look for the correct nose type:

Pointed Round Hybrid

Your nose type will dictact the sock type you order. If you order the wrong size we are happy to send you the right one—but we’d rather you get it right the first time.



Whatever boardbag you decide to get we wish you an incredible journey.

Surf travel is such a wonderful expression of life and we hope you decide to bring us along with you on your next adventure.

Take care and happy travels.

• Wave Tribe •

STRETCH + BREATHABLE FABRIC – 5’6 Mini Simmons Sock sock made from high quality breathable fabric that stretches and hugs your surfboard like your grandma—keeps your board cooler while in car and other hot places, protecting it from the sun’s harmful rays.
UNIQUE SKULL DESIGN + CARPE DIEM – The skull design is an expression of your wilder side, showing your bros that you mean business and that you respect the line between life and death. This dance, is the real dance of any surfer, walking on waves, the skull reminds us of how important life is that we should seize every moment and surf.
ULTIMATE HEMP NOSE PROTECTION FOR SURFBOARD – Surf sock with 5mm high-impact-padding protection with rebound-foam-dynamics. Always protecting your surfboard from accidental dings.
WORLD-CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE! – 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – At Wave Tribe we proudly stand behind all of our products. If you are ever for any reason disappointed with your purchase we will do whatever is needed to make you happy.


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