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Too Much, Too Loud, Too Fast: Doing life with God while battling Hurry, Busyness, Noise, and Distraction


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(as of Dec 09,2020 17:50:29 UTC – Details)

How can someone experience God in our culture of speed, jam-packed schedules, constant noise and a constant barrage of things screaming for our attention. Hurry, Busyness, Noise and Distraction are four great enemies of a vibrant life with God, yet most people believe only monks and pastors can experience it. Not true. With just a bit of intentionality, working parents, single parents, retired men and women, couples and singles can experience God’s closeness and presence in the midst of their everyday lives. The classic avenues of experiencing God are necessary but many normal, everyday people feel guilt or frustration over not having the time or space to implement them into their lives. In this book, practices such as Noticing, Slowing, Rest and Waiting are shown to be "practices that count" in God’s eyes. He will meet us in them just as much as the classic practices. Find some freedom and joy in experiencing God in these practices that require some effort our part, but result in God’s whisper of "Well done," in your inner being.


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