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TEW; Surfing Europe Ep6 ‘The Fjords, the Mountains and the Sea


The here I am have just arrived in Norway the scenery absolutely epic just stuff ahead I’m going to meet my old friends Runa who’s a bitter old salty Viking he’s been person in these parts for a long time and he’s going to introduce me to the guys that first surfing noise and hopefully brought some fun waves along the way so Conway let’s go after Harper on trust the pure water that’s quite the scenery I tell you pretty amazing this is something else feel like a Viking was it hahaha exploring after the big road trip through Europe there’s lots of surfers feels amazing to be in this part of the world where almost feels like a new frontier in the cold water that’s for sure look at this even for me this is incredible that lives we have to build the mountains and the sea hey John you going out yes eat some fun ones there’s only one guy out now they’ll be true brushing up in the whole state I hope you were keep sticking up hahahahaha – John what made me leave California sunshine in California sir King for the Norwegian surf theme yeah when I first came to Europe I ended up hitchhiking in Norway and I had no idea that there was this undiscovered coast of incredible surf and that’s kept me here that’s when I met fulwe and that was the beginning of a first off a fantastic friendship and the real surf adventure in Norway oh and I have been surfing for the last 33 years up and down this coast here the opportunities I’ve had here to find point breaks and then name it was it was an adventure it was a really fun time midwinter wind is howling though is the falling and but it still it’s still a good day surfing is a good day of surfing no matter what when I’m out with some people and and there’s just two or three of us out I explain to them that people in other parts of the world would cut off body parts to serve this kind of surf by themselves it’s been fun still is you


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