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TEW; Surfing Europe Ep5 ‘Surf City, Munich’


Here we are mate I’ve never been to Munich before or Germany and I’ve definitely never been on a surf trip to a city which is inland are you nervous you’re looking at weird you should be nervous mate you’re the most successful German surfer of all time they’re all here to watch you no pressure dude I’m gonna watch how you do it boys your local legends oh my god all down the river am I gonna get tracked when a wipeout like 20 years I may have a good one see how their hey it’s more intimidating than I thought did you bring a helmet feel like at my need one what do you think bad get in Spencer it yeah you ready I’m going to end up found me like first mile down the river surfing in Germany so we just just joined the kids this guy are you guys making me a bit nervous still there and never folded on the water never ever focus on the water okay let’s give it a go free chair that dude Oh that was oh my cute I’m gonna go again the Felix I’ll give it again come on whose take sick one we did hey Marlon how’d it start isn’t it is hard made I felt like the biggest coupe commuting and you have to stay at the bottom it’s not like a wave on the coast which all the powers at the top no you cannot go up all the locals are real friendly and they’re giving me some some pointers and uh this is classic with everyone watching with all the cameras and have been an incredible wave unique I’m still learning all sorts of meetings down the river and ice of Munich yeah buddy my last wave not swayed in Germany this ah that was a great day it’s been pretty bizarre but a lot of fun are now I’m pretty keen to get back to the ocean and try and get some swells the road trip carries on


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