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Tagvo Sup Leash Coiled 10′ Super Strong 7mm Cord with Waterproof Waist Pouch, Comfortable Padded Neoprene Ankle Cuff Stand up Paddle Board Leash with Double Swivels Anti-rust, Flexible Surfboard Leash


Price: $15.99
(as of Oct 08,2020 13:29:35 UTC – Details)

Product Description

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This SUP leash is used to attach your board to your leg. It’s an absolutely invaluable piece of surfing equipment. It’s main purpose is to ensure that you’re never totally separated by your surfboard. Some reasons to have a quality leash.
      1. After falling off, you don’t have to go swimming back to the beach to retrieve your board.
      2. You’re able to increase your recovery time after coming off because your board is right there to get back onto.
      3. Your board will be protected from being washed up on rocks or other obstructions if lost.
      4. It acts as a safety stop if you’re out in the waves and getting pounded. Your board will be on the surface, and you’ll still be attached to it.


Whether you’re caught in the rain, fishing, kayaking, surfing or even snorkeling, this waterproof waist pouch will make sure that your personal items stay safe and dry.

Superior triple seal protection ensures your valuables stay safe and dry on land and in water. Made by smooth, lightweight, flexible, ultra-durable polymer with a long useful time. Fits mobile devices as large as the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy S8 with full touch screen functionality.

The Cuff with Leash Swivels

The cuff is the part that attaches around the leg. Velcro is used to hold it in place. Choose a cuff that looks comfortable and that will stay nice and snug when you surf.

The Cord

The cord is typically made of polyurethane. The thicker the width of the cord, the stronger the leash will be and the less likely your cord will break. Thicker cords create more drag than thinner ones.

The Rail Saver with Leash Swi

The job of the rail saver is to protect the surfboard’s rails from the cord. When you come off your board and the leash pulls tightly, there can be a lot of pressure on the rail. The rail saver is the end that attaches to the leash cord, which in turn attaches to the leash plug on the surfboar.

SUPER SAFETY: coiling design eliminates the SUP surf leash dragging in water and avoids snagging submerged objects to protect you from falling off the board. when you wipe out, the flexible leash can be easily extended to Max 10 feet.
SUPER COMFORTABLE: the ankle cuff of this surfboard leash is made of soft padded neoprene material, extremely comfortable; suitable for all ankle size from 1 to 14 inches; a nylon ring is added on the cuff for easy releasing.
SUPER STRONG: 7mm TPU polyurethane code makes this board leash sturdy and strong enough for surfing even with huge surge, although a little heave to 0.55lb.
LESS TANGLE: both ends of this surfing leash are designed with swivels, which will reduce the chance for tangle.
FIT FOR: stand up paddleboarding, surfing


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