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Surfing the RACK | One arm row dropset


Hi, I’m Rishi Matharoo and in this video I’ll be talking about one of my favorite back exercises that’s going to help you in developing thickness in your back As we know that rowing movements help develop thickness in the back Pulling movements help develop the width in the back Today we’ll do one arm rows that will build thickness in your back One arm row is a basic, fundamental exercise that almost everyone does in the gym We’ll be doing it too but we’ll take it up a notch and do what I call, SURFING THE RACK which is nothing but a long dropset of one arm rows What are dropsets? You start with a heavy weight, do one set and as soon as you’re done you drop the weight a little and do another set When that set gets over, you drop the weight again and do another set You’ll keep doing this until you’ve surfed the entire rack For example, if you started with 80lbs then you’ll be doing 80, 70, 60, 50, 40 till you’ve surfed the rack So let’s see what exactly is surfing the rack for one arm row.It’s advised that you wear a belt while performing any bent over movement I do surfing the rack as finisher, at the end of my workout By this time, my strength has reduced quite a bit That’s why my form isn’t perfect. I can improve my form a great deal As you see, my hips drop when I perform this exercise The hips shouldn’t drop. The hips should remain stationary I did my first set using the 100lb dumbbell. Now we’ll jump into the second set without any break If you perform this exercise on a bench, the chances of hips dropping reduce quite a bit as your movement gets restricted But since I’m doing a long dropset, I’ll be using a lot of weights thats primarily why I’m doing this exercise right by the rack So that all the weights are easily available to me Symmetry in your physique is critical And for symmetry, one arm work, unilateral work is critical that’s why one arm rowing movement for back symmetry is a wonderful tool I always use wrist straps when I train my back Wrist straps are quite useful and effective when you train your back As they firm your grip over heavy weights As you start performing rowing and pulling movements on your back days your grip strength will start to fade Your grip is very likely to fail before your back muscles You don’t want that.You need a firm grip over the weights so you can properly exhaust the weights That’s where these grips are very useful I would highly recommend that you use these wrist straps on your back days This is my sixth consecutive set of one arm rowing If you’re able to manage even 4 to 5 reps after dropping the weight, thats sufficient too By the time you’re done surfing the rack, you would’ve done 40, 50, 60 reps You would’ve completely broken down the muscle fibers on the left portion of your back and completely exhausted the back This is a long, intense exercise Your heart rate will remain high throughout It will push and challenge your physical and mental state but in the end, it’ll reward a great deal If you’d like definition and cuts in your back then this high volume, one arm rowing dropset is extremely effective And right side remains


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