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Surfing the Himalayas: A Spiritual Adventure


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The incredible story of one snowboarder’s quest for spiritual enlightenment in the Himalayan mountain range. 

Having snowboarded the tallest mountains in North America, young adventurer Frederick Lenz begins looking for the biggest snowboarding challenge he can find. His search for the ultimate high leads him to the snowy peaks of the Himalayas where, while surfing the snow-capped mountains, he experiences something much more profound. 

This transcendent adventure begins when he accidentally plows into a Buddhist monk named Master Fwap at the base of a mountain. This karmic incident leads Lenz on an adventure to unlock his spiritual destiny.

Master Fwap leverages Lenz’ desire to perfect his snowboarding skills to reveal the hidden pathway to true enlightenment, showing Lenz how to free his mind while also challenging his spirit. By doing this, Master Fwap claims Lenz can master any mountain, including the hardest mountain of all—oneself.

This fictional story, based on real life occurrences, is charged with high-octane energy, humor, and insight that will leave you breathless at times and inspired the next. Join Lenz in the Himalayan mountains. You just might find what you’re searching for as well.


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