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Surfing on a Toxic Workplace: A Realistic Picture of the World of Work, the Solutions to Survive Bad Leaders and a Strategy for a Future of Well-Being


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This book would have never been written if survival in companies was somehow always possible.          

If you are dealing with company climbers, and bad leaders, if from some signs you realize that your workplace is toxic, what can you still do?              

Has never happened to you:

✓ to be required to do unnecessary work?

✓ to see dull colleagues climb the company?

✓ to always be stuck  in the same position?

✓ to see your salary never grow?

✓ to be forced to explain your actions?

✓ to be targeted by your boss?

Then, welcome in a toxic workplace! And now, how to get out of it? 

Here are the strategies that you can adopt to get out of manager’s retaliations and some ideas to reflect on whether a more positive corporate culture could guarantee both the satisfaction of employees and the overall company’s growth.

The foundations could then be laid for a corporate welfare manifesto so that our world will show us more opportunities to grow our talent and creativity


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