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Surfing: A Beginner’s Guide


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Surfing: A Beginner’s Guide has been the go-to surf book for beginners since 1996. This second edition takes you through all the vital steps to become a surfer: you will learn where to surf, when to surf and how to surf safely.You will learn the foundations such as choosing the correct equipment, which is essential to make any progress as a beginner; pre-surf preparation, including getting fit with tips and advice; and your first surfer steps on the beach and in the ocean. All these stages lead up to you catching your very first wave and the surfing bug. The sea is renowned for its beauty, but infamous for its dangers. Alf provides you with transferable skills to safely enjoy your new hobby. Safety features heavily in the book, and you will learn all the basic common-sense aspects of surfing that even the most experienced surfer forgets.

Table of Contents



First steps

Into the surf

Surf manoeuvres

Safe surfing

Waves and weather

Surfboard design

Care and repair

Green seas

Surf the world

Appendix: Surfing associations

Surf speak


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