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Slater Designs Omni Vs. Tomo Evo – How to Size Each Board for Your Surfing


Today on the wire evo OMNI how do you size them for your surfing so it’s a quick sizing example we’re going to look at a 5’7″ evo and you can see that it is 20 inches wide two and five-eighths thick and it has 33.9 leaders of volume if you look at an omni that is two inches longer at 59 barely wider than that evo at 20 and 18 and the same thickness at two and five-eighths you’ll see that it has nearly identical volume and that is the rule of thumb if you’re on an EVO get on an omni that is two inches longer and if you’re surfing and omni get an EVO that is two inches shorter that is your to board quiver for ninety percent of cervical days if the shapes that look exciting to you are Daniel Thompson’s now this video is mainly about the omni but it’s impossible to have a conversation about this board without a brief segue into the evo according to this article from stab magazine that evo was the most popular surfboard model of 2015 because of how many surfers recommended it to the friends now in my opinion most of those recommendations were due to how easily evo is to surf in the sort of waves that most surfers see everyday waves like this that we see Dan Thompson surfing now you can see that they are head high but they’re soft they’re crumbly they are not rounded barreling this looks like a pretty playful day now for every surfer that loves the evo there comes a point where this board eventually feels a little bit out of control of course that happens when the waves get bigger and more powerful and some surfers might like riding this board all the way up to like eight foot barrels for other surfers that maxing out point might occur around five foot steep face waves kind of like the ones that we can see Dan surfing again here on an EVO the point is that the army eventually becomes the step-up version of the evo for surfers who already love the evo but want the same surfing sensations tailored to more powerful waves for example here we see Kelly Slater surfing on an omni in Fiji where the board feels tight and controlled in wild conditions where most surfers would not paddle out on an EVO no matter how much they love surfing that board in four foot waves now there’s this phrase but I want to get into for a second a lot of surfers will say things like this board wants to hunt the barrel or they’ll say things like this board wants to find the barrel so what does it feel to surfboard that gets described that way while much of it comes down to the width of the tail using the same two boards that we just saw as an example we can compare the width of the tail at the 12 inch mark on each board and see that the army on the left is a full inch narrower than the evo on the right and that army only gets even more narrow as it moved towards the tip of the tail this means that I’m omni there is less float beneath your back foot on the board and you may feel this board wanting to keep pace with the pocket of the wave as the lip pitches over you while the evo in the same situation might feel like it wants to rocket you towards the shoulder this is what can make the omni feel like it wants to hunt the barrel for you like we see here under the feet of Jared white in tama rua now having said that the only absolute rule in surfboard design is that if it feels good do it so surf either the omni or that evo a demo day near you in any dimension anyway that you find and if it feels good it’s good thank you so much for watching if you want to put your finger on the pulse of all things firewire you can join the wire it’s our all-access entrance to video projects behind-the-scenes everything to do with Slater designs tommo surfboards environmental initiatives that were involved in and so many other things you can jump on board by clicking the link down beneath this video to join the wire


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