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Slapfish Skimboards – Red Fiberglass & Carbon with Traction Deck Grip – 4 Sizes – Kids & Adults – Beginner to Advanced – No Weight Limit Option


Price: $264.99
(as of Oct 17,2020 06:46:48 UTC – Details)

FOUR SIZE OPTIONS: 41″ for riders up to 140 lbs. 48″ for riders up to 200 lbs. 50 & 52″ for riders over 200 lbs. CHOOSE THE LENGTH THAT REACHES THE TOP OF THE RIDERS RIB CAGE This will help with balance and center of gravity. PROFESSIONALLY INSTALLED TRACTION PAD: 3M guidelines specify that your pad should sit for 24 hours to allow the adhesive to release enough to truly stick for the long haul. That can be a long wait when you are ready to hit the beach. Let us handle that for you! Our pros will prep the surface, snap a chalk line dead center and place the pad for you. By the time it arrives you’re good to go! TOP GRADE COMPSITES – American made Poly PVC core will never gas out or delaminate like an EPS (styrofoam) core. Interlocking fiberglass mat, plus nose and tail carbon fiber reinforcement, will fuse to that core with high quality ultra clear gloss resin, creating a seal with unmatched durability. Water tight and solidly sealed. STRONG AND LIGHT – Under 5 pounds this board is light to carry and light to glide across the water. The 21″ wide deck allows for an comfortable arm span. Together these set you up to focus on picking your wave, running and sliding with nothing to weigh you down. Fluid motion and smooth performance. TRIED AND TESTED – This board has been tried and tested in all conditions and as performed true to promise.

48” length: Rider Weight Limit – up to 200 lbs. 2” Nose Rocker; 7/8” Tail Rocker. Performance includes Sand sliding and wave riding from beginner to experienced. Consciously tapered for balance and support of varied stances. Unlimited skim potential! Light weight. Floaty enough to support a wide range of riders. Performs in all wave conditions from mush to surging swell. Long liners, smooth wave wraps, 360 spins and more.
50″ & 52″ length: NO WEIGHT LIMIT. 2” Nose Rocker; 7/8” Tail Rocker. For advanced performance, wave riding, airs, liners & more.
Board Bag (when this option is selected) is fully padded for day or travel use.
FEATURES: Polished deck, ultra-glide bottom. Perfect sweet spot for long rides. DURABILITY: Handcrafted with precision. This Slapfish board is fiberglass. Carbon reinforced at the nose and tail. Double reinforced at the rails. The Poly PVC foam core is supremely light weight, structurally dense, impact/fracture rated beyond the board weight limit and is waterproof. This is NOT a EPS (styrofoam) core which will gas out and delaminate over time. No fear of delamination or separation – ever.


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