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Satiated: Finding salvation in sugar, sex and surfing


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(as of Dec 06,2020 13:23:56 UTC – Details)

Before she was hungry for waves, she was just hungry. Before the ocean taught her to love losing her way, all she wanted was to be found. her search sent her on a solo road trip down the Mexican coast line and into a lot of strangers’ beds, dragging surfboards and an eating disorder through nine countries. But where does one run to escape what lives inside her?
She left her perfect life, her marriage and her religious guilt behind when she chased her dreams of becoming a big wave surfer. Needing money and stuck in Mexico she did the unthinkable for a good Christian girl. And it took her down roads she never dreamed of exploring.
This is a story about getting bigger. Looking for the seed of pain in vomit, easy sex and waves big enough to drown someone; it is a story about uncovering truth that has been there all along. Join Natasha as she finds salvation in her darkest self.


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