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Perfect Kill The Beat Dance Battle Rounds Of 2020 🔥 | Hip Hop Dance Compilation

Perfect Kill The Beat Dance Battle Rounds Of 2020 🔥 | Hip Hop Dance Compilation

hello everyone welcome back to dancing box channel i have found 4 videos of 2020 where dancers are perfectly killing the beat this is the second part if you didn’t watch the first part i will leave the link in the description or you can click on the i button i hope this video make you hype and help to learn something new and if you don’t want to listen my commentary again and again after every clip which is sad i know it’s very cringe to listen Rip english but no problem just go to the description i’ve i have already given the timestamp just click on them or scrub through the timeline which already breakthroughs apart now without wasting any time let’s dive into the video i rarely saw “fik shun” in dance battles i mean he is a mainstream dancer a stage performer and he is pretty good in stage performance but here he proved it he can also do battles and go hard on their opponents his musicality is improved a lot he is actually becoming the goku ultra instinct while dancing is that too much fik shun body control is awesome like he force us to make our face cringe i mean in good way okay music is most important in battle i know we can’t dance without music i mean while battling if good music comes out and you know it how to RIP those beats your chances get higher to win but here i guess dancer itself selected the bits so it’s obvious that they will be killing it i hope you get my point havoc against fik shun definitely this is becoming historic havoc is specially known for his flexibilities and unexpected move he do plus his musicality is like cherry on the cake havoc is a street dancer and he knows how to keep the crowd hype and i love the dancer who keeps a hype vibe he also making stories while dancing and expressing the music in short he is being creative to keep the crowd hooked with his dance it was a perfect kill the beat video of 2020 junior is so perfect with his musicality he is improving as days goes.

He is the future of our dance community but he is so underrated right now he is raw with his moves he can defeat anyone against him in the battle no doubt his aura is so strong that’s keep our eye on him and yes definitely this clip was the perfect kill the beat of 2020.

let’s move on to the next video Zyko never goes easy on their opponent he gives 100 in every battle and his hard works are paying off talking about his skill is untouchable i think he’s overpassing his own moves why i’m saying this because i never saw zuko doing his move thrice creating one move is not easy job and killing the beats with created move is more harder i know you can achieve with some practice with the same music but doing in freestyle is more hard i hope you are getting my point here


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