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Paddling Out At a Beach Break – Part 1 Surfing Fitness


Hello everyone this is Rob I just finished watching the Billabong Rio Pro and notice that the jetski assist was quite useful then I got to thinking would it be nice since the majority of us are not pro servers how do we get to enjoy dumping beach break waves so in this video I break down one of two keys to enjoying a beach break session and provide you with a workout that you can try on your own to improve your surfing fitness it’s probably not a surprise that one of the keys to enjoying a beach break session is to actually be in great paddling shape I didn’t say that it was a complicated problem but if you really think about it it makes perfect sense the faster you can recover from a tough battle the more waves you’ll be able to ride and the more fun you’ll have on each wave I’m going to share with you one of the exo-m surf workout sets that you can do on your own to improve your surfing fitness and what makes the exilim surf workouts so beneficial is that they replicate the various conditions surfers come across from beach breaks to barreling point breaks to outer reef paddle outs to quick lunchtime sessions because there are a number of different scenarios that we can come across in our surfing lives there are a number of different types of workouts in the program to train for all that variety so here’s a look inside one of the xswim surf workouts this one is titled Ocean Beach San Francisco paddle out and it is designed to replicate the constant paddling and duck diving you have to do when you surf Ocean Beach San Francisco and as anyone who has surfed they’re on big days knows the paddle out there is one of the toughest in the world now I’m actually just going to share one piece of the workout for you to try it on your own it’s the endurance X set and as I said it replicates paddling and holding your board and duck time position be sure to warm up and warm down after this set all right so the set is four rounds of the following 1/100 alternating every 25 between freestyle and head up free at each 25 or in other words at each lap pull yourself out and immediately go into a 10-second one-legged plank with your breath held for the 10 seconds and alternate your legs at each 25 this 100 should be fairly quick at 80% which means you should swim in a pace that is as fast as you can hold for ten 100’s 5 seconds rest after that and then immediately go into 2 100’s freestyle it says here you should do this on an interval T plus 5 what that means is threshold pace plus 5 seconds if you don’t know your threshold pace swim as fast as you can on the first one time it then add five seconds use that as your interval interval for the remainder of the set a threshold pace is properly set during the interval week in the x1 program this is not actually the way it you would typically set it but it will work for this set when you’ve completed the two 100’s free on T plus five interval immediately repeat the set no additional rest is stated so don’t stop and rest immediately repeat the set and keep going until you’ve completed all four rounds good luck and let me know how you did on the next post we’ll talk about the second key to enjoying a beach break session contact me if you can guess what that might be if you found this video helpful please feel free to share it check out xswim for surfers calm and I’ll see you in the water you


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