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Merrell Presents: Surfer Dan – Catching Waves 1,000 Miles from the Sea


Waves, cold air, heavy winds. Shirt to wear to underneath to keep you warm. I usually go with a rash guard Trailer park lake-view property right here see it? Through the trees? Can’t see the smokestack right now otherwise, yep. So the wind’s coming out of the south. See the smokestack? We can go look for waves. I don’t know what the wind was doing before this but its going offshore now Could be a week straight of waves, it could be two weeks straight of waves, it can be four days a week it could be one day a month you just never know People get worried about blowing up secret spots.It’s like, you see how unattractive these spots may be to surfers? You know and maybe this is all just novelty but I’m having the best time of my life, so I’m gonna keep going for it The conditions are pretty nasty right now. The swell is growing and there’s a lot of ice breaking off the shore and throwing around. I hope it clears up I’m doing the Great Lakes kook wax job. How does that work? Put as many big chunks on as possible that way if they freeze up you still have some traction If you take off on a wave you could really get hurt Get hurt a real bad or you have the best time of your life Just physically exhausted It was exhilarating I didn’t know if I was gonna make it back to shore. So I think maybe I get a little bit of that craziness from my family because they’re ironworkers so they’re used to climbing around and jumping on things That’s why I need the waves I love the waves.Gives me a chance to paddle and get out all the energy that I have built up because it’s not always easy to put your energy to funnel it into the best places. If you hadn’t found surfing, where would you be? Surfing saved my life I don’t know where I’d be but. I quit drinking and got back into surfing and ever since I got back into surfing I stopped having nightmares about not being able to surf See that’s where the big wave breaks right there one of the big waves one of the consistent big waves right there. But the lake level is really high so we need really big swell for it to work. It’s dangerous it’s not like some ocean clean perfect wave you just stand up and come out of. There’s ice chunks falling on my head and water going up in my my hoodie in my suit.Freezes my brain It’s a race right now to beat it to get to the wave before the ice fills in Hey its getting better! Yeah! That’s it. It’s an endless quest. A journey. *laughing* If I see an opportunity where someone’s kind of struggling or something and then I take them surfing and then all of a sudden they had the best day of their life Maybe they’ll have another best day of their life and that’s what happened to me Life is how you perceive it.I just want to get everybody surfing You guys are great, sorry it wasn’t. If I’m corny or lame or you know thanks for the toleration and all the best times of my life .


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