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Mavericks Surf Contest Postponed But Fan Gets To Meet Competition’s Creator


THE MAVERICKS BIG WAVE SURFING CONTEST IS ON HOLD TONIGHT. THE “WORLD SURF LEAGUE” – WHICH TOOK OVER THE COMPETITION THIS YEAR – WAS HOPING TO HOLD IT THIS COMING TUESDAY. BUT AS KPIX FIVE’S KATIE NIELSEN SHOW US.. THE W-S-L POSTPONED THE EVENT TODAY… BECAUSE THE BIG WAVES WERE JUST NOT THERE. John Jones/Mavericks Surf Fan “I heard Mavericks, the big surf competition, was going to happen on Monday, so I jumped in my car and drove straight up here. 9 hours.” JOHN JONES LIVES IN SAN DIEGO – BUT MADE THE TRIP UP TO HALF MOON BAY BECAUSE HE’S NEVER SEEN ANYONE SURF A 40 FOOT WAVE – THE TYPE SURFING THE COMPETITION IS KNOW FOR. Kian Kemp/Half Moon Bay Surfer “Mavericks is a one of a kind event.That’s why there’s so much hype around it, because it’s a one of a kind wave.” BUT A LOT GOES INTO CREATING THOSE UNIQUE WAVES. “The tide, the swell, the period and swell height are very critical, as well as the direction the swell comes in from.” IN MORE SIMPLE TERMS… “So big waves, anywhere from 20-40 feet usually, maybe bigger, and you need good wind conditions.” JEFF CLARK OWNS MAVERICK SURF SHOP IN HALF MOON BAY. HE’S THE ONE WHO PUT THE BIG WAVE SURF SPOT ON THE MAP BACK IN THE 90’S. THE DOCUMENTARY “RIDING GIANTS” FEATURED JEFF’S STORY – WHICH IS WHY JOHN MADE IT HIS FIRST STOP WHEN HE GOT TO TOWN. “It was something my dad and I bonded over, and I never got to come up here with him to go see it, and he passed away last year.” WHEN JEFF’S WIFE, CASSANDRA, HEARD ABOUT JOHN’S DAD, SHE CALLED JEFF SO THE TWO COULD TALK. “Hopefully I’ll get to see you surfing on Monday or something.” BUT JEFF OFFERED SOMETHING BETTER.”We’re going to meet on Monday! It was cool hearing his voice just like in the movies and then finally just talking to him on the phone.” HE’S NOT DISAPPOINTED ANYMORE THAT HE’S NOT SEEING THE COMPETITION. “does this make the trip for you at this point? yea, definitely, definitely. It was worth the drive from San Diego.” KATIE TAG “People who are active in the surf community here in Half Moon Bay say they’re happy organizers postponed the Mavericks competition. It would have been a lot easier and more profitable to just go ahead with the event, especially over a holiday weekend, but it’s better for the surfers to wait for the perfect waves. Sig Out.” IN SANTA BARBARA COUNTY – THE SEARCH FOR VICTIMS OF THE DEADLY MUDSLIDES HAS ENTERED A THE SEARCH FOR VICTIMS OF THE DEADLY MUDSLIDES HAS ENTERED A .


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