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Kids Kite Surfing Lesson


gonna test out the new clothes so you can see Finn he’s pumping up the kite here we just bought a brand new or a secondhand sorry secondhand five minute kite for the kids to learn so we’re gonna give them a bit of a kite surfing lesson today I don’t quite personally but Chris kite surf and he has been for a while so he’s gonna show them some cool cool things and start to teach them how to kite surf because I’ve been cane for a while chilli nervous hey guys Chris is going to test it out first time with this five minute kite probably best if dad gives it a shot first rocks over near the ocean nine o’clock server near the Sun if we go too far over there then we’re gonna lose power and it will fall out of the year no power but you want to just keep it on it if it stops coming over your head so we’ve come across our first problem the kite borrows out too far so Bella actually can’t reach it if she lets go of it I guess we’ll figure that one out come stay behind just in case you missed it thought you might like to see this in slow-mo Belle’s Nellie takes off like in Chris’s quick and get to that’s a committed kitesurf teacher thanks dad he goes Archie he’s gonna try and launch the kite he’s been cleaning all day to turn see how he goes oh not so good go buddy here’s your chance ping fly you nice ride thing gets to have a turn now but the wind starts to drop out so it’s a bit of a struggle to keep the kite in the air I think you’ll get the first turn next time well at least you got a smoke all right time to remind ourselves of the safety lesson Bella will explain chicken loop on our H is always on job you didn’t hit the building you


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