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Huge Waves And Large Crowds At U.S. Open Of Surfing In Huntington Beach


Some of the world’s best surfers are here in the Southland competing for the chance to be number one in their sport the event is more than just an elite surf competition skateboarders and BMX riders are also displaying their skills CBS 2’s joy Benedict spent the day in Huntington Beach with competitors and fans at the Vans US Open of Surfing it was a warm welcome on a warm day as thousands flocked to the coast to see the surfers hit the waves you get to watch like these approach offers that capture these waves and do tricks it’s an annual event for the Carlson sisters from Long Beach both love to surf it’s a lot of fun and just exciting and to see all these amazing surfers that inspires me to get better and better about 200 surfers and all hit the water for this nine-day event the Vans a US Open of Surfing features three competitions men’s qualifying round a Women’s Championship Tour and the Pro Junior Tour and it turned Surf City USA into a festival there are times when you walk and you look down the beach and you have to look for sand fans lined the pier for a good seat on day two as surfers like Matthew MacGillivray tried to stay in the competition let us find this one on stage today and swell came through and yeah the way it’s about hit are smaller than what this surfer from South Africa is used to is it harder to surf on the smaller waves here in Southern California it requires a bit more efforts and just practice ready the waves are like faster so you have to fit in your maneuvers quicker something goes watching like to see I think it’s the athleticism they’ve got to work it and you’ll see them bouncing and jumping and turning and yeah I think the skill set is amazing and for those who prefer their tricks on the land there is a skateboarding competition to a win for the fans the athletes and surf city it brings people from all over the world here which is awesome it’s incredible for our city but this is just the beginning of these competitions in fact most of the finals are taking place next weekend so there are still plenty of time to get down here and enjoy Huntington Beach on one of the best weeks of the year from Huntington Beach I’m joy Benedict CBS 2 News


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