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How to Surf for Girls : How to Turn While Surfing


Hi I’m Schell Michael, I’m here with Expert Village and today we’re going to be doing a series on how to surf. So now that you’re up and riding, you’re on your board, you want to start doing some fun things. It can kind of get a little tedious after while just getting on that waves, standing up and going straight. But also just have to be patient cause as everything it takes time to get use to something and to get better. But once you want to start heading in that direction, you get on your board, you’ve ridden a few wave, you’re feeling comfortable, you’re feeling good, now we can start to learn how to turn and how to position your board on a wave to get you going right or to left, instead of just going straight.What you can do which is mostly more for long board which you will be on, you can kind of just take a little bit of step back, and that’s what the fins are for. The fins are like your redder and when you put your weight back here and you kind of disperse which way you want to go, then your board will go either to the right or to the left. You see a lot of people out there that are right here in the middle of their board, their knees are bend or they’re actually locked out. And they’re trying to do this. Trying to go back and forth. That’s not going to get you to turn. The better way to turn would be that bending your knees, taking a little bit of just a step back so you’re leaning on your board, the nose of your board will lift up a little bit so it will give you more leverage to go right or left. You want to like also turn your body but you want to lean your weight into the direction you want to go. If you want to go to the left, I’m going to lean back a little bit and I’m going to turn, like my body’s going to go a little bit but I’m not going to be here in the middle leaning forward trying to go to the left.No. You want to just kind of take it easy, have the casual relax position, you bring your foot back here and then you’ll turn your body, instantly feel your board starts to turn, when you do you have to scoop back up to more in the center of your board. If you stay to the back, and you feel yourself turning, you’ll turn but then you won’t be on the wave anymore.So it’s kind of like a little dance, you have to get used to it, but once you do, it gets super easier. Just take a step back, you kind of turn a little bit, then you step back forward, you’d be on the wave. You say, “hey I want to go right now”, okay cool; same thing, take a little step back maybe, go to the right, and you know, then get back to right back to the center of your board and you’re just here in this comfortable position back, in your safety zone. .


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