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Hanging Ten in Paris Trilogy: Hanging Ten in Paris Another Problem in Paris Murder at Makapu’u (Surfing Detective Mystery Series Book 5)


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Everyone’s favorite surfing detective, Kai Cooke, is back . . . in three cases in exotic locales half a world apart:

In HANGING TEN IN PARIS Kai investigates the apparent suicide of surfer and study-abroad student Ryan Song, found hanging in his room in Paris. With scant knowledge of French or France, Kai tries to piece together what happened in the city of lights, without ever leaving the islands. He interviews a half dozen students—including the surfer’s unrequited love Marie Ho—and their professor, and finds that while their stories tally none rings of the truth. Did Ryan really hang himself? Or did some dark motive among them cause his death?

In ANOTHER PROBLEM IN PARIS when Marie Ho fails to return from her semester abroad Kai is hired by her stepfather, psychiatrist Gordon Grimes, to fly to Paris and hand her a sealed envelope. The PI tracks her through Paris neighborhoods, guided by an old flame French professor, and finds Marie living with her boyfriend and another woman. Meanwhile Kai himself is being tracked. When he delivers the envelope Marie’s apparent ménage à trois is violently torn asunder. Kai suspects the Frenchmen who have been following him. And behind them someone much closer to home.

In MURDER AT MAKAPU’U Kai investigates the fatal cliff-side plunge of philanthropist Beatrice Ho, whose death looks suspiciously un-accidental. Kai flies to Moloka‘i to check on the alibis of her second husband, the PI’s former client Dr. Grimes. When those alibis raise questions Grimes’ stepdaughter confronts him and they face off on the cliff from which he claims his wife jumped. Did Grimes push her? Kai is not so sure. Then he finds a final piece of evidence that appears to clinch the case. But not the case he expected.


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