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Beginner Paddle Surfing : Prone Surfer Position on a Paddleboard


In this clip, we’re going to talk about you know, a general position on the board. There’s a couple of different ways that you would normally think to stand on the board, but it’s actually a little tougher than you know, it leads the eye. The basic progression of getting on the board is you’ll actually start in the prone position, they call it, just like a normal surfer, you’re actually going to be laying on your belly, and it’s not a very good idea to actually do this on land because you can see we have the fin down there, so I’m just going to actually do it in a very light fashion.You can actually prop the paddle right here, on the front of the board and actually get on it just like a normal surfer, and paddle with it just like this. It’s actually, I don’t even feel that the paddle’s there right now, so if you needed to get out farther to get actually get up on the board, hi Bongo, it wouldn’t be difficult to do that at all. Once you’re capable to do that and no problem, totally fine, then you’ll want to get up to the point where you’re on your knees and find the sweet spot on the board on your knees, both knees squared off, and you’ll hold the paddle with the paddle blade actually swept forward.Intuition and instinct would make you think that you get a stronger paddle like that, but when you’re actually using an outrigger paddle like this, it’s better to have it swept forward. You get a much longer, more efficient stroke with it. .


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