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Baja Surf and Turf Adventure in the New Toyota Tacoma! – Dirt Every Day Ep. 59


– This week on Dirt Every Day I’ve got a Toyota pickup truck, two guys from Surfer Magazine, and we’re headed to Baja Mexico in search of epic waves! (laughing) How do I get off this thing? (rock music) (energetic music) We are headed to Baja Mexico on an epic adventure. When the folks from Toyota told me that they wanted me to do something fun with their TRD Tacoma, and the guys from Surfer Magazine told me they wanted to head to Mexico and go surfing, I put the two together for an ultimate adventure.This is Ashton and Grant. They’re from our Surfer Magazine. They’ve been telling me about some really cool spots they have down below the border. And this is the guys from Camp 4Lo. They actually run tours to Baja Mexico, and they’re going to take us down there, show us the sights and scenes of Baja. Plus, it’s the week before the Baja 1000, and there’s going to be a lot of really cool trucks down there pre-running. So we loaded all our gear up, and we came to this spot first. Doesn’t look like Mexico, does it? Actually, this is where you come to get Mexican auto insurance. If you’re going to Mexico, you want to have liability coverage. I think it insures against Montezuma’s revenge. And if you get pulled over without Mexican insurance, you’re going to jail. You guys ready to go? – Let’s get some waves. – Alright, let’s load up and get out of here. (energetic music) – There’s no easier way to go and have an experience and spend very little money, than having a weekend in Baja.It’s so, so accessible, and so cheap. And it’s so different than the 500 miles of coastline that most people experience in southern California. (energetic music) – What do you drive every day? – I drive a gas-guzzling F150 from 1990 ’cause it has that inline six that I know how to work on. (laughs) – Sure. (energetic music) We are in San Miguel, we’re almost to Ensenada. We had to stop and get tacos. I’ve just gorged myself on five tacos here along the side of the road at El Trailero Taqueria. So good. Drinking some Mexican sodas. The surf guys are chomping at the bit to get in the water. I’m chomping at tacos, and now I could really use a nap. But I think we’re going to go a little bit farther, get out of town to get into some dirt. – This is about as anxious as I get right here. There’s about an eight foot northwest swell in the water sort of out of the blue, and off-shore winds.We just drove for about 50 miles looking at waves breaking, which is about the most torturous thing you can do to a surfer. If it wasn’t for these tacos right now I’d be losing my mind. (energetic music) – Right here. – Oh, sweet. Fireworks. We are arming ourselves right now. Any obstacle that gets in the way, if we have any issues with the trucks not getting over rocks we should be able to just blow them apart. Do you know how to tell a guy that’s really into fireworks? When he waves he goes, hi. (energetic music) – I feel like we conned you into driving us to the beach, in a weird way, which I kind of love. (laughs) – I’m pretty much an Uber for these surfer guys. – We’re like yeah, it’ll be fun. It’s really hard to get there, I promise. – Right. (laughing) It’s like we hired a guide. I got two surfer dudes, a bunch of boards and stuff on the roof. – You’re our pack mule. – Right.That’s okay. – We hired you as a sherpa. – The first ride’s free, but the trip home, that’s going to cost you. (wind blowing) – Is there localism in four-wheel driving? Like if you were to show up at a place where somebody lives there and they were like gettin’ it, are they going to be bummed? – The dangerous thing is off-roading is like, if you go to somebody else’s trail and you kind of out-do what they’re doing, they don’t want you to talk about their trail ’cause they’re like, this is our trail. We don’t want it to be overrun. Which is kind of the same as surfing. It’s like, don’t show up here because locals only. The bigger thing is like you get there and they’re like, I’m going to show you my hardest trail ever! And then you’re just like, vroomp. You drive right up it. Then they’re like, er. And they get kind of, but you know what? By the end of the day, everybody’s broken axles and smashed tires, and lost surfboards off the top of the truck.(laughing) – I was just about to say… (Mexican music) – Alright, so somewhere out here is our hotel, or hotelista. – Jesus (laughs). We’re going to get there in time, right? – We’re going to get there just in time for you to listen to the ocean. – Yeah, if we can get some eyes on it… (festive music) If we make it before dark, it will be only because of your remarkable driving right now.(laughing) Whoa, check it out! – Ah. Pretty rad. Day one, in the bag. – We made it. – What do you think, Ashton? – That’ll do. – This isn’t even like the epic spot we’re headed to. This is just the hotel hostel camp place. – This is a sign of good things right here. (waves crashing) – Made it to the end of day one in Baja. The guys are geeking out because the surf right here looks awesome, and we’re not even at the secret destination that they want to take us to.I think they’re going swimming. The truck’s been doing great. We came bombing in there. Our gear didn’t blow out the back, which is good. The surfboard’s didn’t fly off the top, which is awesome. Ashton was freaking out ’cause I don’t think he’s ever been just peeling out across the desert like that. Coming into Mexico really isn’t that hard to do. I think there’s a lot of people that are scared to death of Mexico and Baja. We stopped in Ensenada and got awesome tacos, picked up a few fireworks. We’re not even at our final destination, and we’re already checking out an awesome sunset. Time for a cerveza. But you kids watching, that’s Spanish for chocolate milk. – We’re going to go shred some groovy tube pockets. – Yeah, that’s what she said. (laughing) (energetic music) (Mexican music) See? (firecracker exploding) (firecracker exploding) (yelling) – Turn your hand (speech drowned out by music) (firecracker exploding) (laughing) – More! – Like you’re not kidding, man. You bring that to the States you’ll be on the terror watch list. (firecracker exploding) (laughing) – We’re in Baja.(firecrackers exploding) – Pretty. (firecracker exploding) – Oh! (laughing) (cheers and applause) (energetic music) (speaking in foreign language) – We had a good time last night. These guys got to go surfing. It was totally cowabunga, wasn’t it? – It was super cowabunga. – Yeah, so today we’re going to head out. We’re going to get the Tacoma out on the race course. We know there are guys pre-running, so we’re going to try and stay out of their way. We’re going to go see what this little truck will do. Find you some rad gnar stuff. – Yeah, there’s a few waves out front, but I think we’ve got a few little spots in mind that could be really good. It’s a little bit of a risk leaving fun waves for better, but I think it’s worth it. Let’s go find something. – Alright, cowabunga. – Cowabunga. (energetic music) – I do feel like my stress level goes down about at least 25% when I get closer to the ocean. – So if I jump this– – Won’t even matter. Hit that thing. Yes! (laughs) – I wasn’t sure there was anything after it. (laughing) So Ashton, when you’re driving in the sand you want to air down your tires.It spreads the tread pattern so it floats better. Now there’s lots of different tools you can get. These will pull the valve stem out. You can use your pocket knife. You basically want to pull the cap off, and either get the valve stem out with the proper tool, or use something like here you can take a business card, you roll it up really tight, and you basically push that down until the air is coming out. When the valve stem comes out, you got to keep track of it.If it launches out into the sand– – That seems like risky business on the beach. (laughs) – But it’s the fastest way. Let the tire air down, count while it’s doing it. Say count to 30 or 40. 1,001, 1,002, 1,003. Get it to air down. Check your tire pressure monitor on the dash. Like this Tacoma has tire pressure sensors. So every tire has a pressure sensor in it. You let air out, you can go and look at that tire pressure sensor and see where it’s at. – Like it’ll actually give you a number. – Right. – Oh okay. – So it’ll tell you– – It’s not just going to warn you when it’s too low like most other ones. – Some of them do, but the Tacoma actually gives you an actual number. And if it’s between about 12 and 17, you’ll be pretty good. – Cool. – Let’s go four-wheeling. – Let’s do it. (punk rock music) (wheels spinning) Oh.(laughing) So I think surfers, when we’re off-roading we have an inclination to try and surf the dunes, like off the tops. Yeah, there it is. This is what I’m (laughing) – Like that? – Oh yeah, that’s the one. – Oh, jeez. Now we lost all of our momentum. – You got this. – Come on, truck. – Awoo! (punk rock music) Oh that’s a rad little path. – So probably the biggest trick to all this is if you’re going to stop, try to stop at the top. – Mm-hmm. – Because if you get down in one of these things and then you stop, you might have a really hard time of getting going again. – Yeah. And just when you’re eyeing your line you want to sort of get a sense for where your momentum’s going to carry you? – Yeah. If you’re coming out here just to play it doesn’t hurt to drive over the dune a few times to get an idea of where the big drop-offs are. (laughing) (laughing) – Wow, I got so much sand in my teeth it’s unreal. – Ashton’s eating dunes over here.- Whoo! – Playing huck fest. You ready to go find more four-wheeling? – Yeah, man. – You’re just staring at that beach. You want to go surfing, don’t you? – I’m always (mumbling) stare at the beach. (energetic music) – Toyota has thing called crawl control. – Mm-hmm. – You see on there it says low, medium, high? It’s basically off-road cruise control.So like my feet are not on the gas. It’s sending power to every wheel trying to get traction. You turn this dial up here. See how it goes those different speeds? So there, now it’s set to the highest speed. – No way. – Yeah. And then what we’ll do is we’ll come over here into this– – This is like robot rock climbing. – Oh yeah, it’s totally robot rock crawling. (laughing) – Your foot’s still not on the gas? – No, I’m not touching the gas. The truck is doing this whole thing itself. – Will you hate me if I told you that this seems rad? – No, I mean I am torn– – This is so cool.- I love rock crawling, but I also think the technology’s neat. But it’s also like ah, it makes rock crawling accessible to everybody. – This is like Kelly Slater’s wave. This is like a wave pool. – This is the fake wave. – This is the wave pool of rock crawling. – Right. So again, my foot’s not on the brake. – This is so rad. – It’s just doing it. – Yeah, because I would just be stomping on the brake right now.Just like sliding down this thing. – And then your wheels will lock up, and then you’ll just slide and you’ll have no control. So this is like tu-tu-tu-tu-tu. – So this is you doing this one on your own? – Yeah, so this is me driving it without the computer. – This is you versus the machine? Oh man, don’t let it beat you. Don’t let it beat you! Don’t let it beat you, Fred! You’re better than this, Fred. – Right here. – You’re better than this computer. Don’t let it beat you. (tires spinning) There it is! (playful music) (rock music) – So Ashton, this is the course. See that orange arrow? – Yeah.- That’s part of the course for the Baja 1000. It’s feels like we’re doing fast, we’re doing 35. The leaders will be coming over through here like 80, 90, 100 miles an hour. (rock music) (engine roaring) Alright, dude bros. You guys having fun? – Yeah, man. – The truck’s holdin’ together good. We didn’t bounce any surfboards out of the back. We’ve been bombing around all day. Are we going to find some surf? You guys got an idea on the map there where we can go? – We have an idea of a spot up here that looks like it could have some potential. So we’re going to hit the beach and drive slightly north up to this point, and take a look.- Sick gnar. Tubular cowabunga dudes? (laughing) Let’s do this. (laughing) (hard rock music) We were comin’ down that goat trail over there, and clipped a big rock, and smashed the ever livin’ life out of our skid plate. Which is great because that means we didn’t smash the oil pan. – He’s like having the most fun ever. This is like my absolute nightmare. For him, this is a blast. This would be just a bunch of phone calls to AAA for me. How much longer are you going to be? – I got you a present.(laughing) (50s beach music) North or south? – I think we head straight north and try and get up in that hook right there where that wind might be a little bit better. – Heading north. (engine roaring) This is the sweet spot for driving on the beach is right here. – It’s like, compact? – Yeah, where it’s not so soupy it’s going to suck you in, but it’s not so dry that you’re not going to go anywhere. – Yeah. So how bad is saltwater for the undercarriage– – Oh, it’s terrible. – Yeah. – It is terrible. – Like it’s a really bad thing for it. – Yeah, the fact that we’re driving in the saltwater, when this gets back to Toyota we’re going to be like, you probably want to give it a really good washing underneath. – I’m telling you, like this is the stuff that I would love to be able to do in my vehicle, but I would be so…- Nervous? – Nervous about it, yeah. (50s beach music) We’re basically looking for a tight enough bend in the coast so that it’ll break up the sand bar so it won’t just be a close-out. – What do you think? Looks pretty flat. – Yeah, the wind conditions are right, but the swell is not really getting in over here, so I think we should go south a little, couple kilometers. – Drive down the beach see what we find. – A little bit More focused right there. (50s beach music) Yeah, but its size. That one was makeable down there. Get rad. It’s cowabunga. – Oh wow! – This looks good. – Excited. – Oh that’s perfect, huh? – What do you think? – I think this is it. I think we’re out there. (energetic music) – I think this little sheltered cove that we just drove past will do. – Yeah, what about that though? Too gnarly? – That’s looking pretty gnarly. Maybe we could have a go at it. – But it could be fun. I don’t know, that inside cove looked perfect.- Yeah. Let’s go and give that a look and get out there. – Yeah. We made it about five hours south of the border. Not super deep, but definitely enough to find some adventures. Super fun ripping around on the beach. I think a lot of surfers would love the opportunity to go and tear around in the sand dunes for a few hours. But this is what we’re here for, and we’re stoked that it’s here to greet us. It looks like there’s a few fun little peeler in there. Grant’s already suiting up, and stoked for the adventure. – So when the guys from Toyota wanted me to use the Tacoma, and the guys from Surfer wanted to go on this adventure, it was a perfect mesh for fun adventure down to Baja.I showed the guys how to do some four-wheeling in the Tacoma, how to air down tires. Basic stuff that if they want to come down here again on their own they should know. This little Tacoma is a good truck for this type of adventure. Two, three guys, got plenty of room in there for all their gear, all their stuff. Maybe throw a camper shell on the back, put your boards up on the roof, bring you girl or your dog, a cooler, come to Mexico, see the Baja 1000, check out all the race trucks that are ripping by, find a cool beach, whether you’re a surfer or you just want to go hang out, get away from it all. It’s a great way to do it, and these little Toyota Tacomas have been doing it for years. Have fun storming the castle! This way! Towards me! Come towards me, yeah! (punk rock music) So we got these guys to their wave. Our little truck held together just great. We’ll see you next time on Dirt Every Day. So I know those surf guys have lots of lingo and hand signals. Can you teach me something cool so that when I’m at the beach here I don’t look like a total dork? – Yeah.Well we have a universal language which is the shaka. Which you can throw just the standard shaka, or the forehand shaka. And then you’ve got the micro shaka for guys that you’re not quite sure about. And then the mega shaka which is when there’s too much shaka for one hand. – So what you’re basically saying is that by you teaching me this… – I’ve passed on the– – They’ve already stopped using. .


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