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Alix & Georgia Book 10: Nunya Goes Surfing in Hawaii


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(as of Nov 19,2020 02:41:34 UTC – Details)

Robert De Niro or Nunya for short, is a smart pooch who knows his name and is even familiar with diction. However, Nunya has had enough of his owner, one Dez, a handsome man with a roving eye. They take off on holiday from Fès in Morocco and land in Maui, Hawaii. Once in Hawaii, they check into the Four Seasons Hotel, where Dez is driven wild by the women on the island, ignoring Nunya’s needs. Dez hurriedly dumps Nunya with a hotel porter known as Toya. On the second day of their holiday, Toya, who is off duty, decides to take Nunya surfing. Disaster strikes, as Toya cannot surf and Nunya ends up rescuing him from a giant, killer wave. As Nunya revives Toya, television crews rally around him and both he and Toya become overnight television sensations. The book ends with Nunya being adopted by the now, world-famous Toya, and they ride off into the sunset in a limousine, with an envious Dez watching on!


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