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Abahub Premium Coiled SUP Leash, Stand-up Paddleboard Legrope, 10 feet 7 mm Thick, Black/Blue/Clear/Red/Green/Orange/Yellow


Price: $19.99
(as of Sep 27,2020 23:46:54 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Abahub LogoAbahub Logo

“Always Brings A Highly Unique Bargain!” = ABAHUB.

Here at Abahub, we source directly from manufacturer, innovate on product ideas, and endeavor to provide all of our customers products at great prices, so as to elevate our customers’ standard of living and gain the recognition of our customers as “A Highly Unique Bargain” Brand.

Abahub coiled leashAbahub coiled leash

Cord is made of remarkably sturdy thermoplastic polyurethane
2 sizes and 8 colors available, there is always one that suits you!
2 Size options: 10 feet & 7mm thick; 12 feet & 7mm thick.
Color options: Black, Blue, Clear Red, Clear with Black Core, Green, Orange, Red, Pink
10+ years of experience, designed with 100% assured QUALITY & PERFORMANCE!

Please click on our brand name “ABAHUB” to our amazon webstore for all the other options.

Q: Which size should I choose?

A: You want the length of your leash to be either the same size as your surfboard or 1 foot longer than it.

Q: Should I choose a straight or a coiled leash?

A: Normally, choose a straight leash for surfing while choose a coiled one for stand up paddling. A coiled leash is a good option as it will prevent drag in the water. However, coiled leashes are usually used for stand up paddleboarding and not normal types of surfing as the strength in the coil weakens the cord.

Q: How to wear a surfboard leash?

A: First, straighten out the leash so there are no knots or tangles in the cord.

If wearing a wetsuit, roll up the wetsuit leg of the ankle you’ll be putting your leash onto.

Wrap the strap of the surfboard leash around your ankle. You want the strap to be facing backwards and to the outside of your ankle.

The strap should be secure enough so that it doesn’t move and can’t move around your ankle.

Fold back your wetsuit over the surfboard leash strap.

abahub coiled leashabahub coiled leash

8 Colors Available

Premium Neoprene Ankle Cuff

Made of premium quality 3.5″ neoprene, the ankle cuff is comfortable to wear during surfing or paddling for hours.

Non-slip cuff prevents cuff from rotating on ankle.

Safety release
Our leashes come with a safety release that is located next to the swivel on the ankle strap end of the leash. In emergencies you simply push on this button and your foot will be released from the surfboard leash and surfboard.

Quick Release Rail Savor

The rail saver is needed as a lot of pressure is applied to the cord and surfboard during wipeouts.

The extra surface area of the rail saver helps to spread this pressure.

It also stops the cord of the leash rubbing on to the attachment and side of the board.

Coiled Leash

Coiled Leash

Stainless Steel Swivel

​The marine grade stainless steel swivel helps the board to not become tangled as easily and prevents you from tripping up on the leash when you’re standing up.

Strong Velcro

Strong and adjustable for perfect fit with great amount of velcro to keep the leash on.

Hidden Key Pocket

Located within the ankle strap you might find a pocket that can be used to store small items such as keys. It gets closed when you strap up the velcro.

Polyurethane Cord

​Cord is made of remarkably sturdy thermoplastic polyurethane

WARRANTY: 100% Money-Back Guarantee, and 1 Year Warranty.
FULL RANGE: Size options: 6 feet, 7 feet, 8 feet, 9 feet, 10 feet or 12 feet sizes; straight or coilded; Color options: Black, Blue, Green, Clear Red, Clear, Orange, Purple, or any color you want; We recommend choosing a leash length similar to the length of your surfboard/SUP. Please click on our brand name “ABAHUB” to our amazon webstore for all the other options.
STRONG and SAFE: This leash is made of Super Strong 7 mm urethane cord, with molded-in double Stainless Steel swivels, plus a triple wrap rail saver.
COMFORTABLE AND EASY to USE: Made of elastic polyurethane. High Density Neoprene padded 1.5″ Ankle Cuff has an easy pull tab with a hidden key pocket.
DURABLE: Connection hardware made of durable stainless steel, which can be able to resist the sea water corrosion for a very long time


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