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409 Days: A 3rd World Prison Memoir


Price: $3.99
(as of Oct 16,2020 02:51:37 UTC – Details)

I love adventure and the unknown. It’s why Nicaragua was so magnetic to me in 2010. I wanted to surf and be free from the doldrums of my 20’s in America. I arrived in Nicaragua and found more adventure than I bargained for.

A few months after settling into a new lifestyle, I was starting a 3 year prison sentence in a notoriously bad prison.

Prison is different from the movies. It’s more gruesome and terrifying than I ever expected. There’s also more beauty and humanity than I ever hoped for. It’s a scenario that I never imagined, and I definitely learned more than I ever hoped.

Read this if book if you need a wake up call about what’s important. I paid a high price for whats inside these pages. I hope it can show you how beautiful and terrible life is. I hope it can steer you toward something that you’re passionate about. I hope it can help you wake up every morning and feel alive and lucky to have another day. Enjoy, and never take your next breath for granted.


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