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2020 Planner Weekly and Monthly Organizer: Surfing Wood Vintage Rustic Theme – Calendar Views with 130 Inspirational Quotes – Jan 1st 2020 to Dec 30th … Holidays Included (Perfect Your Day Planners)


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2020 Full Year 12 Month 53 Week Planner – Vintage Rustic Surfer Cover Theme

We are pleased to introduce our new comprehensive full year 2020 Planner with a unique vintage rustic surfing theme. This detailed planner and organizer for 2020 is perfect for your day to day activities. The planner includes a full year calendar spread along with pages to detail your month, week and day to day schedule. You have plenty of organized space for details, notes, to-do lists, reminders or anything you would like to record. The calendar and planner is designed for the full year of 2020 (Jan 1st 2020 to Dec 31st 2020) with overlap to account for previous year and next year.

  1. Full two page calendar spreads with numbered days.
  2. Up to 130 unique inspirational and motivational quotes.
  3. Mini calendars showing previous and next months days numbered for easy reference.
  4. Large format so each day will allow room for notes.
  5. 2020 Year in Review showing all months with a mini calendar for quick and easy reference. Feel free to highlight or circle specific and important days through-out the year.
  6. A page to list important dates in a 12 month display for a single easy to reference page. This is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, special personal events etc.
  7. Two page weekly and daily spread with specific sections for each day of the week showing the specific day of the week, numbered day, month and year. (example: Sun Jul 7th 2020)
  8. Each week and daily spread has an area for notes for the specific days and an area to take notes for the entire week. It also contains and check mark column that can be used for weekly to-do lists, grocery list, assignment or homework list or any daily and weekly task you wish to complete.
  9. Up to a total of 78 holidays displayed on full calendar spreads as well as the daily and weekly spreads. Includes popular and commonly celebrated holidays as well as some not so commonly celebrated holidays like nurses day and teacher appreciate day for example. Holiday list will also include common Hindu, Muslim and Jewish holidays.

Perfect Your Day Planners hopes you enjoy this custom created comprehensive monthly, weekly and daily planner and organizer. You can always search “Perfect Your Day Planners” for other organizers and themes or click on the author under the title on this page. Have a great 2020! You will be pleased to know we have a whole series of surfing designs with inspirational quotes, so please check us out. Have a great 2020!


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