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Women competing in legendary surf contest for first time


Expect to see lots of this at Mavericks this year not just great big wave surfing but great big wave surfing by women you got to put everything into it and really put everything on the line Bianca Valenti is one of ten women who will be invited to compete when Mavericks happens it’s the first time women will compete Mavericks off the coast of Half Moon Bay can produce huge waves as this video from previous competition shows only the top surfers dare take it on Bianca surfs it off in I surf Mavericks whenever it breaks like 3040 times a year probably so it’s like just going in where you’ve already been basically it’s exciting every time though you never know it’s always shows different faces Bianca Bay surf Mavericks on her own but being part of the competition was not easy the organizer said the waves were too powerful for women so Bianca and three other women surfers banded together to change the sport this past summer they got what they were after California State Lands Commission would only grant a permit for the competition if women were paid the same as men we have ten women competing and 24 men so women first through ten place will get the same amount as men first to ten place Sachi Cunningham is a documentary filmmaker who’s been chronicling this moment for women surfers in and out of the ocean when these women heard no they said too bad we’re still gonna do it they stood up for what they wanted in that moment and turned the tide in their favor it’s a tide Sachi has had to ride over four years of filming with many ups and downs but down for Sachi with cancer which led to a mastectomy and hysterectomy I very much credit my time in the ocean with my survival of cancer the most difficult thing with cancer is really not knowing what’s gonna happen next my experience in the ocean is exactly that you’re in this massive moving beast in you you have no idea what’s gonna happen next but all you can do is just stay calm to survive that and turn it in something beautiful these women are saying no enough we deserve this we’re going to do this they stood up for what they wanted I feel really really proud of being able to change policy and to pave the way for the future generation this is the first time we’ll see women compete everyone will be watching to see how the women do and what kind of pressure is that for you for the people who are doubting I’m excited for them to watch because they’re gonna be impressed we’re surfing amazing huge waves all the time all over the world so I think people are just gonna have their minds blown and be like wow women are amazing and can do anything


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