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What’s Wrong With Owen Wright ‘s Paddling Technique


Hi guys, Rob Case here, creator of the Surfing Paddling Academy and XSWIM Fitness Program. Today, we’re going to play – “What’s Wrong with Owen Wright?!?” His paddling technique of course. There is no doubt he is an insane surfer and incredible athlete. But can you spot the paddling technique deficiency that I see? I’ll give you a hint – it’s a paddling technique deficiency that is so incredibly basic, but most surfers are still culprits, and it’s causing them to take more strokes than they need to, waste more energy, and have a higher probability of shoulder injury. One more hint – I’m not the only one who sees this. Jamie Mitchell, ten-time Molokai to Oahu prone paddleboard champion, and 2015 Big Wave paddle in winner, has made a comment about this same paddling technique.What could it be? Can you see it? Leave a comment with your answer! .


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