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“Victoria Cove” Laguna Beach CA. surfing


This is Victoria Cove located in south Laguna Beach Southern California U.S.A. It is a secluded beach and point break due to its gated community “The Blue Lagoon” obscuring the view from Pacific Coast Highway Public access is to the north about 3/4 of a mile or so with parking on PCH there, then walk down the beach south It’s a little difficult with some rocky areas getting in, especially high tide and high surf. It has occasionally in the summer months a very powerful left point wave ending in a crushing shore break, with normally only a few out to challenged it! San Clemente Island not visible on the horizon, about 50 miles out That’s Santa Catalina Island about 26 miles out On smaller days it can be fun also with more of just a beach break with some rights,  but mostly lefts.Skim boarding in this region is some of the best in the world! A little backwash mostly at the higher tides can keep things interesting and explosive! You want a big preferable southern hemi swell long period 18-20secs coming in from a 175-185 degree direction. Notice the mush cloud underwater reef outside break making paddle outs even more difficult Hurricane swells SSE can be primo also but tend to pass further up the coast north Laguna and can add a little too much side current. Winter time is much smaller because of Catalina Island shadowing this area, but sometimes fair rights on those freak swells getting in there coming off that dry reef center beach. Coming off the large rock reef point the bottom is mostly sand covered with some under water exposed hard rock sections. Best months start in late March – late October, prime time mid summer. Water temperature in summer mid 60’s to low 70’s, winter time mid to upper 50’s.Occasionally this wave can take you for a tumble! Air temperature highs in summer anywhere from around mid 70’s to 80 normally, up into some 90’s on the sand possible when dry offshore Santa Ana winds blow out to sea. Morning low clouds and fog very common summer can keep temps down upper 60’s with morning lows about the same mid 60’s. San Pedro, Point Fermen, Cabrillo Beach, 30 miles away approx Palos Verdes peak Long Beach Newport Beach, Balboa Penisula, The Wedge jetties, Huntington Beach Power Plant, in distance Corona Del Mar North Laguna Beach Rockpile Main Beach Brooks Street Beach access walk in around this point Afternoon sun past about 11:00a.m is normal for summer as the low clouds burn off. Morning low clouds and fog can bring in a light south wind onshore flow morning crumbling the shape. Most times calm winds early morning can be expected.Winter time can be very nice for weather, mid to upper 60’s sometimes 70 on sunny days for highs, but during rain storms mid to upper 50’s. Morning lows in early-mid January mostly mid- upper 40’s but upper 30’s briefly, can even dip a little lower just around sunrise. Likes a medium tide but anytime can be ok to surf. If the tide gets too high on the extremes, probably worst scenario, then you may need to wait for it to drop a bit? The famous Montage Resort is on the side of point ( Goff Island ).Prevailing afternoon west winds not so bad in this region, and are usually less than other areas outside of Laguna Beach. This is basically the best paddling channel way out, you can see here not so easy! If you get dragged too far from the side current, time to panic before you end up on a dry sharp reef! Basically advanced surfers here that don’t mind taking constant beatings for a few possible pay off rides! “Subscribe” by hitting the lower right red button bottom screen to be notified when more videos are uploaded! Visit my home page YouTube channel “henryssurfshowcase” for more beach and surf videos, here’s the URL…. That’s the end of “CC” Closed Caption for now, still more video on Victoria Cove to follow, thanks for watching! .


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