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vacation 2018 bikini girls try to surf for the first time on one of the best American beaches


good morning everyone, today I will spend the day with the scooter that I rented the cost for the rental is 30 dollars, the scooter is brand new and I have to be careful not to let tears otherwise I will have a charge today I will go to see one of the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean, that is the Macao beach in Punta Cana to reach the island of macaoi I have to go straight or right? now I remove the gopro from the chest, that’s where it was! this beach is one of the paradises of those who surf, in fact there are no umbrellas and sun loungers but I have already found two shops that rent equipment for surfing but now there are not people surfing in the distance there are some who are looking for a good wave I hope there are no sharks! I would like to rent a surfboard but I would often fall, I’m not good at it I have the place on my chest to put the gopro but it would be nicer to see me from the beach I was convinced and now rent surfboard and equipment

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