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Tropical Storm Gordon churns large waves for Cocoa Beach surfers


Yeah here in Central Florida we’re also feeling the impact we sure are we continue our team coverage on the storm at new six is James Barr vero who spent the day at the beach and this was not a good thing it tells us the storm did not stop surfers riding the waves so rough weather creating some good waves here at the Cocoa Beach Pier for the annual surfing competition lifeguards warning swimmers of rip currents yellow leading Labor Day entertainment surfers catching waves churning up with a new major storm pretty big waves for Labor Day I guess so I wish it was like five times bigger no big deal to professional surfers we are flying red flag or high surf but a concern for lifeguards tropical storm Gordon in the Gulf Brevard ocean rescue thankfully making no emergency rescues this afternoon and over the weekend much concern and challenges just swimmers the people I like to go in the water while we’re have the contest going on main challenge is keeping all the people all the way I am a surfer who needs a kidney Robert Ryder from st.Petersburg faces his own life-threatening challenge for three decades the nkf surf festival has raised millions to help patients battling kidney failure I have my daughter Savannah with his wife and children by his side we all want to get back in the water together writer who’s waited for two years hopes his campaign will find a donor we’ve been coming here for over 20 years with or without a kidney I don’t think people realize how many people are actually on dialysis or actually need a kidney lightening delayed some action today but organizers say they will still raise another 300 thousand dollars the money that we raise really helps save lives for the National Kidney Foundation and you see it today in Cocoa Beach I’m James Spahr vero news six


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