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The Beach Disappears focus in the “Caza y Pesca” Beach


Hello, my name is Sherylle Mendez and with my partner Peggy Gonzalez We are going to talk about the beach disappears focused in the casapierce capisce for years for the request control erosion process in the coast after hearing a Maria this program has accelerated in sumbitches causing citizens to be in danger Through the presentation. We are going to talk about a little bit of background information about erosion history in puerto rico’s present the problem in casi Pesce Wish what are the risk in the communities around the causes of the problem and we provide some recommendations? To solve the problem or for the process those not continue to advance rapidly For a introduction we presenting the problems as reference video from WAPA Erosion on the coast of Puerto Rico Chronological records of erosion in Puerto Rico. I will be mentioning some time frames that beaches were affected by erosion in the 1962 until 1971 most of the beaches in Puerto Rico had erosion in the 1971 until 1977 the erosion was reduced in most of the beaches in Puerto Rico in the 1977 until 1987 they were also keep producing in most of the beaches in Puerto Rico, but by the timeframe of the 1987 until 2010 the erosion increased drastically in most of the beaches in Puerto Rico coastal barriers in Perico COSO barriers are geographic area that provides protection to different aquatic species in habitats that helps as the first Defense line against the impact of storms and coastal erosion The coastal is composed by aquatic habitats and species in which they are of great scientific recreative natural historical and economic value therefore is a must to protect since they also are the source of alimentation for a great amount of species To discourage the development of coastal barriers the federal government under the coastal barrier resources law Prohibits whether direct or indirect this usage of federal funds for projects of this development in the end is our responsibility of everyone that we must protect the coastal barriers and to make sure That we can guarantee the protection of life Property and individual and collective welfare of our country Climate change after Hurricane.Maria was a cause of the acceleration of the process in the erosion of the coast in Puerto Rico annually the archipelago of Puerto Rico to eat on Location in the tropics is driven by hurricanes and tropical storms This systems brings rank stone churches and flutes that are part of the cyclonic season cycle The nature on the other hand also has the mechanism to mitigate the effects of storms and hurricanes the mangrove wetlands and dunes for example functions as a buffer areas in this atmospheric phenomenon in other words They protect us and resist the onslaught in the rains the storm surges include in turn The natural resources that offers protection function and mechanisms are part of the country and green infrastructure Why is so famous take a sip escovitch in Arecibo? The gossip escovitch is located in the highway number six eight one on a slaughter Arecibo Specifically in hairy little community this beach is very touristic by young people because has an extensive coast for a great suntan and big wave for surfing Therefore is at some point dangerous for butters or swimmers because there are strong currents This Beach serves a nesting area for turtles for this reason It is forbidden to do bonfires horse rights and road vehicles also It has a large parking lot sin Hurricane Maria as my partner commented their ocean process Accelerate as a result of this Casa Pesce wish began to disappear starting with the shore of the beach By the paths of the years and excessive development Many of the natural areas service buffer zones have been altered for the purpose of building homes summer apartments votes and structures to contain erosion among other type of buildings and Infrastructure that we can mention after the construction the forestation are rights sand removal alteration to the dynamic of erosion and the equation of our beaches and the drying Wetlands the areas that ones were used of green infrastructure and offer protection Service are covered by buildings and structures with frequence that limit the access to the public for business Which are a public domain property the risks that the community are suffering right now Our parking is breaking the strong waves characterized by this fish help the erosion gradually destroy the visitors parking lot Infrastructure is falling apart the neighbors next to the beach are losing infrastructure and Less protection the surrounding vegetation is being divided by the strong currents Problems presented Accretion a question is a process by which material Added to a tectonic plate or a landmass this material may be the sediment volcanic arcs sea mounts or other igneous features there are two types of geologic accretion plate and land mass equation the first Involves the equation of material to a tectonic plate when two tectonic plates collide one of the plates may be slide onto the other a process known as abduction The plate which is being subducted the plate going on there is floating on the availa sphere it is pushed up and against the other subducting plate The sediment on the ocean floor will often be ascribed by the subduction plate This is crafting causes the sediment to come off this abducted plate and formed a mass material called a 13-yard a wedge which attaches itself to the upper traduction plate the second involves the addition of the sediment to a coastline or River Bank increasing the land area the most Lord worthy landmass accretion is the disposition of aluminum often containing precious metals or riverbanks in river deltas Erosion as the material has warned out sand and rounded beaches pebbles are formed Sea cliffs are one of the clearest sample of the erosion as we can See sea cliffs are steep faces of rock and soil that are formed by destructive waves waves crashing against the coastline erode until an arch is formed a rainfall and the surface runoff may result from rainfall produces for many types of soil erosion For example plus erosion sheet erosion real erosion and gully erosion a splash erosion is Generally seen as the first and least severe stage in the soil erosion process Which is followed by the sheet erosion then real erosion and finally gully erosion Which is the most severe a fourth of the four? inundations in this part We’ll be presenting a short video of the presentation of flutes as a 1 problem of the beaches Some recommendations to stop or lower the acceleration of the erosion process are installation of Artificial reefs the installation of artificial reefs can be used to control where the waves breaks If the energy of the wave dissipates the water distance from the shore will create the necessary conditions To achieve stability and the possible growth of the beaches active fisheries Have some benefits in the way They are placed they develop new areas for surfing Also acts as a focus or renewal of marine life the Gold Coast Area in Australia has calculated that for every dollar invested in artificial reefs is receiving $60 each year for Economic Opportunity They revise from tourism Feedback of the beach one way to alleviate the sand lost by erosion is to nourish beaches with sand there are greater depths a barge is anchored on the Area that the sand will be removed and using high power pumps will move the sand to the beach in the fiscal year 2005 2006 the state of Florida allocated approximately 47 million of local state and federal funds for projects of this nature other beaches suffering erosion generally beaches are a touristic and recreational attraction where people enjoy But at the same time they act as a natural barrier to protect both infrastructure and communities from flooding Therefore the purpose of the visits beyond seeing damages is to try to define What is the new state of the beaches is like from Hurricane Maria? After a year of Hurricane Maria pass through Puerto Rico.He has been investigated What effect this atmospheric event brought? were the infrastructure electricity production communications and the most recent meant to stay up arrogance are however It emphasized the different ecosystems of the country Which could be vital for cushioning of the future natural events? Where erosion has caused losses in coastal infrastructure such as rows axes recreational structures among others Therefore it is recommended that they implement public policy aimed at converting beaches into area of resilience in the face of the impact of natural human events and manifestation of climate change areas, the Hat erosion are highly vulnerable to Cosa flutings the impact of hurricanes and storm surges caused by cold fronts and the loss of coastal infrastructure in short the beaches of Casa Pesce is not the only one because all over Puerto Rico there other beaches has erosion they are spent many years studying the erosion of these beaches in the most noticeable of all is Luiza because in 2016 houses were affected some of these bitches put in danger the communities that are located next to the beach because they need to take a drastical decision such as moving to safer places for the laws of infrastructure, in other words, these beaches has the same effect as Cassie Pesce Or even worse the result has been drastically that now are for any conception in A moment.I will be mentioning some of these beaches which are pinion s Louisa Corsica Tinkham para, Sarah Suarez Louisa Ocean Park, San Juan Aguadilla, Puerto Rico Agua de Puerto Rico Conclusion the human being in his eagerness to make the most short duration of existence Seeks to maximize its enjoyment to satisfy its passions and desires For many one of the greatest desires is to live by the sea But the erosion effects numerous of places in Puerto Rico It seems that each hurricane season the cause suffer severe damage from storm surges caused by tropical phenomena for several decades the cause has been suffering from erosion problems when the cost cannot retreat or adjust to the onslaught of waves at the select or shortchange erosions begins to dominate Coastal’s nor for dynamics therefore Episodic erosion becomes a problem on a larger scale waves and currents has much more effects on sediments transport and the disappearing beaches increases as sin, does not always return to shore it is at this stage that the actual damage to the infrastructure begins References here are the references used in this presentation for each of the following information That was found about erosion coastal barriers and Community risks.Thank you .


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