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TEDxPalermo – Matteo Ferrari – Surfing Italian Waves


My name is Matteo Ferrari, I’m a photographer and surfer, and film maker I would like to talk about a project started one year ago one day I met a friend of mine Luca Merli on the street, and Luca during our conversation said “Why don’t we make a film on surf in Italy? Luca is an experienced filmmaker, he has already made some films on snowboard some video clips and spots I’ve been surfing for many years and I have always dreamed of making a film but always far from its fulfilment I replied to him that we could have thought about it one year later last week we finished editing and the film will be ready by September, its debut should be on September 17 before showing you some images from the film, I would like to tell you something about surf in Italy and in particular, to debunk some myths on surf in Italy first myth concerns the fact that surfing is impossible in Italy only few people know that surfing is possible in Italy we also made a film about it so…I would say that it is possible Actually, there are a lot of places where you can surf, almost all Italian coastline where you can find spot for surfing it’s still a newish sport that doubtless is rising also thanks to fashion trends, american films, even if these films have created many stereotypes totally far from surf in Italy Another myth created by these films on surf is that it’s necessary to have big waves for surfing actually, Italian surfers, and not only, handle short waves long waves are rather unique But, as you’ll see on the images, you can have fun surfing on short waves you don’t need long waves Moreover, I would like to add that we decided to shoot exclusively in film format Above all, 16 mm, something with Super 8 mm camera, and we used digital only for water shooting that are a few in the film there’s another consideration on surf I would like to add, a particular one, to explain that in Italy you can surfing but it’s not so easy you need to be patient, totally committed and in spite of this, there are several and passionate surfers the peculiarity of surf is represented by the high satisfaction level for catching a wave, lasting only a few seconds compared with total commitment sometimes, only one wave is enough to come back home satisfied even after a long trip or after five previous unsuccessful attempts You have seen some images extracted from the film that will be a little bit different from this preview it’s been edited for TED but I hope it communicates the exact message we want to convey Another little myth to debunk, also produced by some American films, is the myth of the pursuit of the perfect wave Actually, it isn’t the purpose of any surfer we certainly look for the best conditions, the most beautiful waves, but this endlessly pursuit of the perfect wave doesn’t exist waves can be very different, beautiful, funny, with a wide range of conditions I’d like to conclude with a remark on the deep and long-lasting relationship between Italy and the sea from Romans to great sailors, and, to this day, to personalities such as Fogar or Soldini or Pellizari whose passion for the sea led them to unique experiences I think that, although it’s still a newish sport in Italy, surf owns all features to be included in this deep relationship between Italy and the Mediterranean sea. Thanks. .


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