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Surfing Workout: Become a Stronger Surfer : Working Out Your Back for Strong Surfers


Welcome to Expert Village. I am Schell Michael and in this segment we’re going to be talking about your surfer’s workout. The next area we want to hit on with regards to your surfer’s workout is your back. That, it’s your “backbone” pretty much; it’s what holds everything together. You can mostly tell when you see a surfer, how they walk, you’re like “Oh, they’re definitely a surfer”. We’re always having this arched position and if you’re weak, you’re going to become fatigued, you’re going to become tired and when you get out there and you get any type of break, you’re going to want to just collapse on your board. So, the more you can pull it back, pull it together, keep it toned, it’s going to help you in your paddling, getting into the waves is going to be much easier, standing up on your board. I know you think “Oh, I’m standing, I’m just using my legs” but you’re doing a lot of pushing off your board and having to arch your back and get into that perfect position.So definitely having those back muscles strong. I recommend getting; they’re almost like big rubber bands. They kind of look like a scarf, but it’s rubber and you can wrap it around the post of your bed, you can wrap it around like a little hook your door and you can do like little pull backs, like this that helps to get your back muscles which are your rhomboids and your trapezius, all the muscles that are going to be right in here and your shoulder blades. So, all your shoulder blade muscles will get worked out. Another thing to, you can also lay on the ground, something we call “superman’s”. What you do is you pretty much lay on your stomach and your feet are going to be in the air kind of like a dolphin and you’re going to be just going like that and it’s like you’re Superman. Flexing that, holding that, you can do sets of you know anywhere from three to six for like five to ten seconds.Hold it, hold it, hold it, relax, hold it, hold it. If you just do that and you take five minutes a day to do that it’s really going to strengthen your back and it’s going to help you out. .


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