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Surfing Workout: Become a Stronger Surfer : Exercises From Home for Stronger Surfing


Welcome to Expert Village. I am Schell Michael and in this segment we’re going to be talking about your surfer?s workout. Alright, a more conventional way of fake swimming, fake paddling I hit on once before is those bands I talked about. And you can use those as resistance, you can just like get on your bed, or you can get on a bench or you know, your little island in the middle of your kitchen.And just use those bands as the resistance as your paddling and you’ll feel that more through here, you’ll feel it back here and it’ll be good. It will get your arms strong, it will get you fit. And, yeah, I definitely recommend the bands. Also, sometimes you can find gyms that have a little seat and they’ll have almost like a paddle thing where you can do like the stroking like this or like this. Which isn’t exactly surfing, but it really brings out your upper strength. It’s almost like a kayak paddle or canoe paddle I guess you’d say. That’s great. That will just help with your upper body strength. So, any kind of form of resistance, bands, different things like that are going to help you out, make you stronger. .


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