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Surfing Workout: Become a Stronger Surfer : Core & Ab Workouts for Strong Surfers


Welcome to Expert Village. I am Schell Michael and in this segment we’re going to be talking about your surfer’s workout. The first thing we’re going to be talking about with keeping in shape for your surfer’s workout is your “core”. Very important pretty much with any sport you do, having your center core strong is going to be very very important. A few things you can do is crunches, you can do sit ups, sometimes getting one of those big exercise balls are great, you can do different exercises. That works really good. The purpose for keeping your stomach strong is going to keep your center of balance when you’re popping up on the board and you’re just like, you know you have a lot of movement in this area.Also when you get more advanced and you want to do tricks. It’s really important to keep everything together, it’s like “Aaahhh”, like everything just kind of flexes like everything in the center. If you have a weak core, it’s going to be harder for you to maneuver and do tricks and be stable on your board. So keeping that center core tight is going to help you out a lot so if you have to a thousand crunches, do those thousand crunches because it’s going to help you out that much more. .


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