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Surfing UNH


People were very interested in the fact that I am a certain from New Hampshire just because that’s that’s so uncommon our coastline is only 18 miles only 13 of that it’s actually a surfable due to the amount of rocks having the Seacoast as an asset to your surfing it plays a huge factor because how close it is to UNH not only the Seacoast we also have vein that is a quick Drive as well if it is very good and I could afford to go try to wake up as early as I can got in the water by the time the Sun’s up which is kind of gorilla in the winter when it’s below 20 I love the cold water we’re a quick drive to the mountains as well so when I’m not serving after you go snowboard surfing in the winter the temperatures around here in terms of water temp is around 40 in those peak months January February one of the toughest things is putting on the wetsuit mentally preparing yourself to and through the water because it is so cold besides being a finance major I’m also an environmental geography major with that I very much in depth looked into what’s happening with storms I understand that my understand how they work a lot of our storm systems are just low pressure systems that cross through the mid-latitudes hit the coastline but then when the winds turn around once when that storms on the way out it’s typically when it gets a little nicer but if I’m pot stop I’ll be able to go before class after class really work it around my academics academics come first what’s crucial about UNH is not only how are the academics good at the pulse school but also the drive is only about 30 minutes to the Seacoast I searched all over the world I’ve served Portugal Australia coast where you couldn’t draw but nothing really does it for me


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