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Surfing in Peru! [Huanchaco – Peru – Episode 1]


Hey my friends! We’ve just arrived in Peru! Actually we’ve been here for quite a while, Max… Well, I’ve got a very distorted perception of the time… But today we’re going to “Cha Cha” Chan Chan Chan Chan To… Trujillo! To surf… We’re going somewhere. Ouch! This is the city of Chan Chan, it was built by the Chimú in the 9th century AC And they estimate it had between 30 to 100 thousand inhabitants, which was quite big back in the day! Let’s go visit! And this was the swimming pool! A Pelican Space Invader! So we are in the temple of Chan Chan, and I want to use my drone today. but unfortunately, recently I’ve crashed it against a cliff…Incredible that it survived! I don’t understand how it was possible. Maybe maybe 30 meters high it fell from the sky, after crashing against the cliff of this little mountain. I’ve put some tape… ♪ engineer at work ♪ And yeah, basically… We’ll give it a try! Whoa, whoa! Fingers crossed! Fly little drone, fly! .


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