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Surfing in Morocco 2018


Trial of helmet and camera…. Ladies! Keep control of yourselves! So, we’re here with Leo! Leo, what do you expect from today’s session? Oh, I expect very big waves! Ah, Max! Max! Very good! Somebody who has realistic expectations! What do you expect? Because this guy… There is NO WAVES! I’m happy that this helmet already helped! Smile for the camera! These waves as such… They’re like I’M BREAKING I’M HUGE! small…Maksim Yeah, no, I mean… You have to decide which head you want to chop. Say HI! Done with the session! Very good. The swell was good. A bit small for me. You know I’m used to…..much bigger stuff. But okay it was good because I could give some instructions to the beginners…..and kick their ass a bit. You know. Exhausting! So. Some of the Moroccan…..fauna Hey, mantis! Go! What a bull! Hang loose! You have to do hang loose! Ah! NO! Like this! Like this. Ah! Very good. .


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