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SURFING DREAMS – The inspiring story of Fishermen ruling the sea in a different way


If you look at the relationship between the sea and myself… Sea is more like a Mother to me. I basically come from a fishing family… My grandfather, my dad, they were all fishermen. I am also a fisherman. On 2008, Yotam (Israeli film maker) gifted me a surfing board. I told him then, “You are gifting me a board” “I will pass on my board to the village boys and develop this sport here” “OK. I’ll wait and see” he exclaimed. 2009 April he came back to visit me after 6 months. 10 people were surfing, and he was very impressed. “What is your dream?”, he asked. “My dream, SURFING SCHOOL”, I replied back.That’s how it started, in a simple way. Today it has grown into a school that trains 2000-3000 people. Pazhani, Sekar, Dharani… they are the top 3. In fact there is a unique talent in each and every one of the boys here. It is 100% free for local boys, but on the condition ‘No smoking or drinking. They must volunteer in beach cleaning and health camps’ It is a different feeling when I stand up on the waves. It gives me an eternal joy. When riding a wave, there is nothing that disturbs the mind. The focus is only on the wave. And to get back on my foot when I fall down. Inside the sea, everyone is the same.There is no rich or poor or big or small. Everything has changed for the local boys. Their life style has totally changed. Through surfing my knowledge and English has improved. We learn a lot in our interactions with the students and guests. They converse a lot with us. I want to make every student of mine as a BIG SURFER. It is in their success that I take pride as a teacher. My dream…. Is to participate in the 2020 Olympic surfing competition and win. I want all my local boys to win on international stages. When they seize the opportunities and win, their families reach a different level too. That’s one dream. And because of this sport, this beach line should become clean. This sport must be brought to all the villages. This village is gold to us. We want it to be Googled for all good reasons. This should be a model for many other villages. That’s my dream. .


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