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Surf Tips – How to Duck Dive


hi this is chris banda for ticket to ride worldwide surfing adventures and wavelength magazine i’m a nice a level 2 surf coach and here to take you through this webisode of sir touch to help improve your surfing getting off the back on tiring things and surfing today I’m gonna teach you to duck dive and how to get out the back much more use these I can catch more waves what they don’t tell you when you sign up to your first surf lesson is how hard it’s gonna be to get to the back line when the waves are bigger and that’s why we want to learn how to duck dive if you’re on a bigger board such as a longboard a mini-mart you’ll just be pushing up straight arms and up to go over the whitewater for a bigger way you might have to do a turtle roll which is where you roll over let the wave go of you and then roll back or climb back onto your board if you’re on a board that’s small enough however then you can back down there is a downside to this though a smaller boards going to be harder to surf so they rush on to a smaller board just because you want to be able to duck dive wait until you’re ready for it there are two slightly different types of duck dives and two ways of doing it first type of duck dive is where in the wave is barreling and you’re really close to it you duck dive with the last woman as the barrel goes over you that one’s much easier the second way in the way that we’re doing most of time is when you see a big water white water coming towards you and you have to go underneath this thing this is where timing is crucial you want to push the nose of your board under when the white water is still 2 to 3 meters away from you once you’ve got that nose under you’ll push on the back of the board with either your knee or your foot both ways work and flatten your board out as the wave comes over the hold your body close to the surfboard whilst under the water keeping some pressure on the back to make sure that you don’t pop up backwards like a duck once you’ve gone through and you can feel this normal white water around you that’s when you put a little bit of extra pressure on the tail of your board with your knee or foot and that’s gonna help pop you up the other side the some things they don’t usually tell you about technology one of them is a no matter how good you are you can still get bragged on Underwood’s I’ve often done one two even three front back recited somersaults underneath another one is that by using your knee or your shin you get to do along your diet but not quite as steep so it’s a big wall of whitewater you might you do that one he’d be a breaking wave such as a barrel and lip landing in front of you that’s when you’re more likely to use your foot to get deeper under the water the faster you paddle into the duck dive some more it’s gonna help you when you’re underwater and you’re already struggling you can kick your feet to help protect you a little bit further to ensure you come out the other side open your eyes at the waters clear and you’ll be able to see where the explosions of whitewater are so that you can try and avoid them and not get dragged back as far it takes practice time perseverance and patience but you’ll nail it eventually and be out the back in no time right modular theory of duck diving you’re gonna have to go and practice it remember practice makes perfect if you have any questions please write them below or comment and if you want to see more about how to videos subscribe here see you have no water


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