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Surf Tips for First Timers | Hello humankindness


So you’re gonna wanna paddle for the wave. Paddle, paddle, paddle. And then, after you’ve already caught the wave and you feel that pulse going, you’re going to have your hands right underneath your chest, and then, from here this will be your number one position. Step 2 is pushing up, and then sliding your knees right underneath you, so you have a nice firm base. ‘Cause then when you’re on the wave, you don’t tip. And you’re always at a nice level. Since I’m a goofy-footer, I will be keeping my left arm planted down. So I have something to lean on. And then, your third position is leaning on that, and bringing your right foot forward. Right to that little center piece of the board. And then from there, just kinda go up, and you have a nice little stance. And, you wanna keep your left arm (since I’m a goofy-footer), You wanna keep your left arm nice and strong so you have some style, and your right arm in front of you so your body is straight on the wave. If you stick to that three step process, your body will get in rhythm, you’ll be in a solid routine, you can basically never go wrong.Tips by Joel, have fun! .


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