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Surf Rider FAILS! | Brock and Boston


– Hey guys it’s Brock and Boston and you’re watching Squared. – Alright guys, so we were just barely in Mexico and we’re riding this little surf rider thing where you surf on top of this water that shoots out at you. It was pretty awesome. – And also guys, in this video, if you guys like watching wipe outs and fails, this is totally the video for you. It was awesome. – Watch. (lively music) – I just barely went for my first time. I did alright. I did like a 180, kind of. (energetic music) – Boston and I got these cool ones. (energetic music) He is incredible. (lively music) Oh yeah, there he goes. (lively music) – I just barely went on the Flow Rider and my neck hurts so bad. I was doing it, and then I messed up a lot, worse than I ever done it. Now my neck just hurts. Brock’s over there. He is in line to go on the Flow Rider.

Guys are instantly gonna want (mumbles) three times. (energetic music) (slow music) – Boss, how was it? – Great and I loved it. It was so fun. – Did you mean to do that? – Huh? What? – Did you mean to turn it? – No, I didn’t. It just automatically turned. I’m like oh gee. – I was amazed that you stayed with it. You did great.

– I’m so happy. – Yeah, you should be. That was good. – But guess what? They don’t open until nine and it’s so. Yeah, we’re probably gonna have to wait about 15 or so minutes. (energetic music) We just now finished the flow rider and now I have a pina colada in my hand and then we’re gonna head for our new beach spot and yeah.

– Pina colada. – Guys it’s so awesome. You can just go over there and grab whatever you want. It’s so awesome. (energetic music) – Okay you guys, I thought that video was pretty funny. Comment down below who you thought who’s fail was funnier, Brock’s or mine? – Probably mine. Thanks for watching guys and for staying till the end of the video. This is a super gnarly video to film. And please make sure you give this video a big thumbs up. – And also guys, to subscribe to Square, click right here and to see yesterday’s video, click right here. And to see more from us, click right up here. And also guys, you can check out our personal channel Brock And Boston and that will be in the description box down below. And we’ll see you guys next Tuesday on the Square.

Bye guys. – Peace out guys. .

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