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“Sunset Blvd” and PCH CA 4-7.5 feet wave faces – surfing


This is “Sunset Blvd” a very nice surfing point break along Pacific Coast Highway located in Pacific Palisades California. It has fairly consistent surf, best in winter! On small days it is very mushing but great for long boards or beginners. You may even see a few movie stars surfing out in the water here! Very safe with few hazards, and a great place to learn. Large west swells will wrap into this area producing nice fun peelers with a few semi hollow lip sections mostly off the 1st far point! More makable but not as steep or punchy half way down where the most surfers are 2nd point has long hot dog rippable lines. WSW and SW swells get in here unimpeded, although the shape will start to wall a little. Although it rarely gets huge.Large west swells are best 270-280, even a WNW 290 if big enough The contour of the bottom is favorable to pull in and grab those swells with a wrap in effect making very long rides South swells and SSW are very small here during summer because it is blocked out by Palos Verdes and Catalina Island to the south You are looking straight WSW with open ocean right here This is the northern beach section shown in the famous ” Bay Watch” tv show.It seems to like a medium low to medium high tide best as seen in this video. The weather in this region is very nice year round! During the winter high air temperatures on fair sunny days are mostly mid 60’s. A few into the 70’s are possible. Morning low air temps winter mid-upper 40’s. Can briefly on the coldest of days ( but few) get into upper 30’s for lows, but not long after sunrise.During rainy periods and bad weather no less the mid- upper 50’s for high air temperatures. Also can have a problem with mud slides during very bad rainy weather closing off PCH “Pacific Coast Highway.” The bottom is mostly sand lined with a few boulder rocks along the shoreline Water temperatures winter upper 50’s to no less than mid 50’s briefly possible. Summer time water gets to around 70 degrees in August. Parking is easy with little to no problems! Other good near by breaks heading north and west are “Chart House” “Topanga” and the world famous “Malibu”! For more Southern California surf breaks, beaches and other surf related videos visit my YouTube channel home page: “henryssurfshowcase”. (((Subscribe )))) by hitting the small red button lower right side of screen if you would like to receive videos when they come in!!!!!! This is the end of the “CC” or Closed Captions for now, enjoy the rest of the video and thanks for watching…….. .


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