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Shark bites Cal Poly student who was surfing at Montana de Oro State Park


Welcome back a nineteen-year-old Cal Poly student is recovering after a shark bit him yesterday at Sandspit Beach a Montana de ouro KSP wise Megan Healy spoke to him and joins us live in the studio with this surfers scary experience Megan well Scott Nick Wagner says he’s lucky to be alive after his favorite pastime activity quickly turned into a near-death experience he walks away with a dozen of stitches in a broken surfboard and just a heads up some of the pictures I’m about to show you are a bit graphic one side of the mouth was like up here where this this one is and then the other side of the mouth was like down here definitely not a small shark 19 year old Cal Poly student an avid surfer Nick Wagner went to San Spit Beach Tuesday morning to catch a few waves but his last wave of the day quickly turned from fun to frightening I was like just felt this big incredible pressure on like my legs and I could hear all the fiberglass and foam and stuff breaking and then I was just like what the hell is going on Wapner says that pressure was a great white shark biting down on his legs how did a shark was like this big the body was I could I saw like 80% of the body and it was just massive adrenaline rushing he immediately went into fighter mode kicking the shark in the nose and wrangling his foot free from its mouth you can just see all the way through he says he took the next wave in and flagged down his friends one of those friends drove him to Sierra Vista of Regional Medical Center where Wagner got about 50 stitches I got really lucky I got off it didn’t clip any arteries or else I don’t think I would be here now state parks posted these signs warning beachgoers of Tuesday’s incident wepner’s prized possession a handmade surfboard now a token of a near-death experience there’s a wall hanger right there for sure but the experience won’t stop him from doing what he loves the second the doctors give me the okay to start surfing again I’ll be I’ll be out there and Wagner says it’ll be about two weeks until he can get those stitches removed but he hopes he can compete in an upcoming Cal Poly surf teen competition in Santa Cruz live in the studio I’m Meghan Healey chaos be write news thanks Megan love that attitude also state parks is the first sharkbite of the year obviously and they’re not aware of any that happened last year in the in San Luis Obispo County


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