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River Gods: Welcome to the Wild West of Surfing


(rock music) – Montana is a landlocked state. It blows my mind everyday, but there is waves in the river and you can surf ’em on surfboards just like you would in the ocean. We have a huge surf culture here in Missoula. (rock music) My name’s Kevin Benhardt Brown, I go by KB, and I own Strongwater Mountain Surf Company. (tools blaring) We are the original mountain surf shop and still the only surf shop in the state of Montana. I mean, it’s cowboy country here. Surfing is in my soul, one of my very first, earliest memories at the age of three is visiting my grandparents in San Diego and seeing surfing in the ocean. And for whatever reason I’ve been kind of searching for surfing my whole life and I happen to be here in Missoula, Montana and tapped into river surfing. In the river, it’s a standing wave, so the wave is essentially stationary.You’re going back and forth across the wave, but the wave is kind of in one place, the water’s comin’ at you, it’s pretty amazing. (rock music) You know, we’ve built a really strong river surf community here. There’s just a ton of support and good vibes, good energy. (water splashing) This whole connection with nature correlates directly with kind of that same vibe that you get in the ocean. Not a lot of people know about river surfing, but there’s river surfing communities popping up everywhere and it’s just starting to explode. For me personally, it’s about doing what people don’t think you can do and proving that you can do it and you know, just getting out and having a good time, sharing the sport.It’s exciting and fun to be on this whole new frontier. (electronic dinging) .


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