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“Refugio State Beach” 3-6 feet good! – surfing


This is Refugio State Beach Park located in north Santa Barbara Southern California USA It is the ultimate beginner to interment surfing break, all ages! Best in winter WSW and West swells will get in there perfectly from a 260-270 degree direction As the swell turns more WNW to NW it takes a very large swell to make the wrap into this sheltered point break Summer time not much happening here for surf due to the Channel Islands blocking out south swells Any tide ok but favors incoming medium to high.Winter water temperatures can get chilly, low to mostly mid 50’s late November-March Summer mostly upper 50’s to some upper 60’s touching 70 degrees in the water July – August The weather is usually very nice year round, but can rain pretty hard during winter for a few days! Winter air temperatures low 50’s to low 60’s for highs, can get mid to upper 60’s with good weather Morning low air temperatures in winter about 40, can briefly go down to low-mid 30’s Summer time super nice, some morning low clouds with afternoon bright sunshine upper 60’s -80 possible on the beach Low morning air temperatures in summer mid 50’s- mid 60’s Fog can roll in anytime reducing visibility to zero and really cooling things down fast! You can see the tide is coming up here, about a 5.4 feet and increasing a little more Wind is generally a semi side offshore flow from the NW and fairly light most times in this area Winter storms can bring in a strong south wind direct onshore least favorable and blow things out! Overall a beautiful Southern California beach with good weather year round! Surf can be a perfect and ridable micro 1 foot off the point for the kids If you’re lucky to catch Refugio, the bigger the better!!!!! El Capitan Beach Park is about 2.5 miles southbound Pacific Coast Hwy, and will be a few feet bigger than Refugio on most days The water and beach are very clean, although if you noticed that oil rig offshore tar and/or oil spills have been known to happen in this area! Sometimes it’s just natural seepage….For more Southern California surfing and beach locations visit my home YouTube channel: “henryssurfshowcase” “SUBSCRIBE” by clicking the red button lower right side of screen if you would like to receive free videos as they are uploaded!!!! That’s the end of this “CC” or Closed Caption for now, If you have any questions leave a comment! Enjoy the rest of this video, thanks for watching…. .


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