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On this South Carolina beach, one last day of surfing as Hurricane Florence looms


-We are very cautious about these storms, but at the same time, we take advantage of Mother Nature giving us these beautiful roller coasters, these glass waterwalls we’re gonna surf down. -Born and bred, local Charlestonian, and just out here on Folly Beach, enjoying the last of what Hurricane Florence has to offer before it goes all bad. Hopefully not, though. -I’m Bubba Bryant. I’m Jonathan Jones. -And we’re both from here. Yeah, we’ve lived here all of our lives. Surfed many a hurricane swell. But, you know, these are chances that we get to surf actually big waves. The Atlantic doesn’t produce that many big waves, so this is what comes through. Usually, the best-case scenario is when they skirt past us and we can get all those waves coming in from the big disturbance. But now we’re having to watch Hurricane Florence, because it’s gonna be, in a couple days, life-threatening for people up and down the East Coast.So we’re getting the waves in right now. But it’s gonna be a prolonged event, and that’s what we’re more afraid of — this prolonged raining and wind that Charleston — it’s a coastal city, so it can take water, but I don’t know if it can take that much water. -Hmm, so far, they’ve been all right. It’s been here and there, but, I mean, I honestly don’t think the swell is truly here yet. .


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