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NomadCities – Bali


My name is Johannes and this is NomadCities! In this episode I’ll be meeting Collin Abroadcaster An entertaining Youtuber and bargaining expert that came all the way to the beautiful island of Bali The reason I left my home country was because I knew this was something that not only I wanted to do but also needed to do Because if I didn’t do this at this point in my life Later on I’d regret it Bali is different than other places that I’ve lived in Compared to places like Vietnam and China Where I’ve lived in where everybody’s just hustling just coming and going, they’re on their grind They’re going to work, they’re coming from work The Balinese people have really taught me just to slow down in life and relax These people are here living a good life They’re happy They’re easy going Take a deep breath and try to live like the Balinese people So what I like to do when I wake up just like everybody else, get your coffee But also I like to go across the street Chill on the beach, just watch the waves crash Try to get my morning started that way On a day I’m not working I’ll rent a bike Three dollars for the whole day I’ll just pick a place on the map and I’ll just drive My brother was visiting We were just walking around And the scenery looked like it was photoshopped It was oversaturated We were like, this doesn’t even look real That’s how Bali is unique It is just absolutely mindblowingly gorgeous I started surfing and this is just something I never would have thought to have even tried before coming here As soon as I walked on the beach someone was like “Hey do you wanna try to surf?” I was like allright, I gotta do it I’m here, I’m doing this It’s become a hobby of mine which I’ve been doing a couple of times a week so that has been a really great experience Where I’m from, America we don’t typically bargain But here in Bali, here in Indonesia, here in Asia There’s a very big bargaining culture, they’re not aggressive so don’t be afraid to go lower on a price and then you’ll come at a middle ground How much did you get that watch for? He initially offered 450 I came back with a price of 100 And we settled on 150 So that’s how you do it! Indonesian food is extremely delicious There’s this thing called Lawar that I eat it’s coconut, garlic, chili and you can either have pork or meat It’s just this nice delicious bowl I’m telling you, if you do come to Bali you need to try it If you want something a little chill, area go a little bit north Seminyak, that’s your spot but if you like to go out with friends and have a good time during the night You have to go to Kuta This whole area is so loud you can’t even hear your thoughts If you’re about the partying life go there, you won’t regret it that is the spot, you need to be Bali has the relaxed lifestyle that allows you to really just sit down and focus on what you need to get done all the while being able to make friends with people and enjoy what this culture has to offer I can see myself really investing into this place and growing my future here Not only is it what Bali has to offer to me but hopefully I can offer something back to Bali as well Thank you so much Bali This is a place I’ll definitely go back to See you in the next episode of NomadCities when we’re meeting Christina from Germany In the capitol of Seoul in South Korea


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